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Earthly Paradise

Pubblicato da Marica Nicolska 2018-12-20

Meanings of "Earthly Paradise"


Земният Рай

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земного рая, конечно, не существует. Но есть люди, которым удается получить от жизни все! В этом случае употребляется термин "земной рай" - иногда в саркастическом смысле, как нечто невообразимое и невозможное

Spiegato da Marica NicolskaMarica Nicolska il Gio, 20/12/2018 - 18:09
Explained by Marica NicolskaMarica Nicolska

“Earthly Paradise” nei testi

Guillermo Portabales - The wagon man

I am a river man and a wagon man and I live well in the fields
I am a river man and a wagon man and I live well in the fields
Because the camp is the most beautiful earthly paradise in the world

Luis Fonsi - Temptation

If you're the apple I'm Adam
You're my earthly paradise
You're bring closer of me so you make me want to sin

Yama - Earthly Paradise

Even these armchair theories are being dragged into this eccentricity
I was taught that living is that kind of thing, you see
I don’t even have the slightest idea of what earthly paradise could be
So I’ll say goodbye to this place

Sting - Practical arrangement

I could sleep alone or learn to
I’m not suggesting that we’d find
Some earthly paradise forever
I mean how often does that happen now

Wednesday Campanella - Sen no Rikyu

Tokyo Tea Harvest Land, opening soon near Urayasu in Chiba Prefecture1
The kingdom of dreams and magic and tea ceremony, the earthly paradise I'm aiming for
A zoo, Korakuen, Paradise Lost, Itoen, Nagatanien2

  • 1. This one's complicated: 茶摘み "tea harvest" is chasumi. It's lengthened to chasumii here, which, save for its first syllable, sounds a lot like Disney in Japanese. Urayasu is where Tokyo Disneyland is. So it's a weird pun on Tokyo Disney with tea.
  • 2. everything from "earthly paradise" on ends in 園、"park", pronounced 'en'. Korakuen=a famous Japanese garden in Okayama. Itoen=a tea-producing corporation. Nagatanien=makes lots of instant Japanese food products.

Charles Baudelaire - The Litany of Satan

Adopted father of those whom in black rage
— God the Father drove from the earthly paradise,

Sting - Practical Arrangement (duet version)

We could start with separate beds,
I could sleep alone or learn to.
I'm not suggesting that we'd find some earthly paradise forever,
I mean how often does that happen now? The answer's probably never.

Shaul Tchernichovsky - I Believe

That lives and loves and toils and strives,
By whom true life is found,
An earthly paradise of light,
That knows not bond or bound.

Kyo - Look at me

I finally understand you think this is fleeting,
Whereas I have the impression of an earthly paradise
I went so high just to touch the bottom

Nina Boykova - Color my Dreams

Someone says that there is
no earthly paradise,
But I know -

Andrey Makarevich - People are people

How many miracles we had to see under the night sky
How many priceless diamonds fell at your feet before
Every time I go around this earthly paradise
And along the river, in a canoe, and to the seashore

National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - Where is my home?

On the hills blue forests dreaming,
Flowery wolds Spring‘s happy skies,
Like as earthly Paradise:
There‘s the land so full of beauty,

Charles Baudelaire - Litany to Satan

Father to those whom God the Father's vice
Of vengeance drove from earthly paradise,

Phoenix Legend - Yo-Yo a love song

Wu La river day and night singing ,down the horse race hills.

The beautiful Kangding an earthly paradise .

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - The Land of Sounds

Play like a Sakura blossom, wishing we beautifully bloomed
With the tone resounding, this is an earthly paradise
Leaving me with a bittersweet scar, this land always holds me back

Freddie Mercury - The Fallen Priest

We are mortal
In the hands of Gods who roll the dice
Searching for an earthly paradise
So hard to find

Grégoire - My landmark and my reference...

The only thing I keep for keeps is you,

I know the earthly paradise and its corners,
So much I have turn pages

Ahat - The Crusade

For the first time now, even he has felt the fear.
"My knights are sleeping, I am alone amongst them.
Everyone else would stop by this Earthly Paradise.
It was just me who stopped not. To the end I did arrive.

Serbian Folk - To Serbia

Everything for you,
Dear mother.
For me you are the earthly paradise, where the lovely May