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Us and them

Postato da Icey 2018-01-08

Traduzioni idiomatiche di “Us and them”

Them and us

Meanings of "Us and them"


Expressing a sense of division within a group of people. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

Spiegato da IceyIcey il Lun, 08/01/2018 - 13:33
Explained by IceyIcey

"Noi e loro". Esprime un senso di divisione, di opposizione all'interno di un gruppo.

Spiegato da IceyIcey il Gio, 09/08/2018 - 11:53
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“Us and them” nei testi

Adriano Celentano - Here come the men

From what you're saying, it seems that there's no difference
Between us and them.

Timur Mutsurayev - Chechnya On Fire

Years will sweep away like winds.
They will rush into the forest of generations,
But memory, you will be alive
Days of death in fierce battles.

Odysseas Elytis - The Monogram

I’ll always mourn – hearken – for you,
alone, in Paradise

Fate will switch elsewhere the lines

Pink Floyd - Us and Them

Us and Them
And after all we're only ordinary men
Me and You
God only knows it's not what we would choose to do

Nassif Zeytoun - force

We are a group of experiments
We have to read the whole world to answer
We need to held accountable for us and them
And pass thru rough times to know who is the real friend

TIX - My Heart In Your Hands

[Verse 1]
I put my heart in your hands
Showed all my scars
And maybe I should've known better

Nancy Ajram - Two Friends

Everyone who loves me loves you too
and talks about me when remembering you
when they see me they ak about you
and send me salutation when they see you

DAM - Your Body of Theirs

90, 60, 90, 175 on 50
90 chest, 60 waist, 90 hips, 175 height on 50 weight
These are the measurements of your body
It should be called Yourem body

Black M - Léa

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

Esteman - Sensory night

You came to my mind
In the sensory night
My eyes can't stop

Stress - We have but one earth

When he will grow up and ask me
Why are there no fish left in the sea
What will I say? That I didn't know!
Or that I didn't have anything to do with it.

Armistice - City Lights Cry

And seconds ‘til now you still loved who I am
And darling I will run, I will chase you there
In time you will learn there’s us and them

Derek Pope - Us and Them

Us and them [x3]
Ain't no other way
Us and them [x3]

PLK - A bit of hate

You talk too much behind my back, I f*ck your sister, hold her by the ass
I've slaved too much to get here, call me PLK or LakPo
Us and them there's too much of a gap, I got the gold disc in the backpack

Tokyo Ghoul (OST) - Season dying one after another

Season dying one after another
Voice of dying becomes the wind
A man can’t get drunk in a dawning city
Looking up to the moon in the sky is unrefined here

Max Boublil - Racist Song

They have shed all our, Sentier shops.
They run faster than us and them, they do not be catch up
They took all our laundry, they took all our coffee

Riki (Italy) - We Both Know It

The lights turn off
As time fades, hidden out of the way,
And listens, staring at us
Among stories that flow

Muniek Staszczyk - Pola

Pola, please, wake up
The dream about power is over
You can't last this long in your illusion
The round-up speaker's fooling you

Shadia Mansour - All They Have Tanks

VERSE 4 (Tamer Nafar):
Let’s get to the point. There’s a big difference between us and them.
I can’t defend myself, but when it comes to them,

Fără Zahăr - Penes Curcanul's People

From dawn to dawn
Us and them
Trew lots of stones