Lilly Goodman - Iglesia (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese


My people listen to what I am about to tell you
It will only take a moment in case you have to go
I don´t want you to say anything, just listen
I am sorry if at any time I might disturb you
Today 2 thousand years ago I was crucified
My body bled and I was spat upon
I took all your blames on my shoulders
to give you eternal life as a gift
and today questions arise, because won´t you listen
because you won´t look at me, because don´t you hug me
Hipocrisy has closed your mind and you say you love me...
You have become strong in your reasoning
You have exchanged my glory for your feelings
Sometimes at night I come and wake you up
But you no longer care to speak at any time
You waste your day talking about vain things
That if TV, fashion, or just FAME...
You have lost that Holyness that was shining around you
You know more about novels than about my Word.
My purpose is to use you, so that you show my glory
To annoint you with oil and that your cup runs over
That you change the world every time you speak
because time is slipping, just slipping...
Remember those times when you were away from my arms
You cried like a boy hungry and cold
In slow motion you and I connected
the tears simple fell dancing with a river
I gave you a new life and opened doors for you
I repaired your heart and took away your sorrows
Today, you tell me that you have packed your suitcases
you are leaving towards the world no matter what
You can´t deny, I was always with you
If you decide to come back, I hope I haven´t gone
Then it will be to late and you won´t be able to find me
Your cheeks will ache for crying over me
when you remember all those moments by my side..When you remember all those moments by your side...
Come back to me (to me) come back to me (to me)
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