İlkbaharda Kıyamet (traduzione in Inglese)

  • Artista: Fatma Turgut
  • Interpretato anche da: Model
  • Canzone: İlkbaharda Kıyamet 3 traduzioni
  • Traduzioni: Francese, Inglese, Russo
traduzione in IngleseInglese

Doomsday in Spring

We were neither devil nor angel
Peace was hard, we were ignorant
You were entrusted me
By my hurted childhood
You were doomsday in spring
You were shot in the bloom
Maybe we'll learn by this way
What the happiness is
By falling into sin
And getting into deep water
With our half mind
The world is huge,
My hands are too small to hold you
My childish heart is in a welter of blood
It rises against great sorrows
We learnt what devil and angel are
We got hurted, we got dirty
I sacrificed myself
When I saw, blood was going on
I cried and said goodbye
Take care of yourself
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İlkbaharda Kıyamet

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