I'm looking forward to

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I'm looking forward to (Inglese) — Sto aspettando, sono in attesa

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I'm looking forward to — Jedva čekati da se nešto dogodi, radovati se nečemu

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Traduzioni di "I'm looking forward to"

Curdo (Kurmanji)ناتوانم چاوەڕێكەم
Danesejeg kan ikke vente
GeorgianoMoutmenlad velodebi
Grecoδεν βλέπω την ώρα να
ItalianoNon vedere l‘ora
Persianoنمى توانم منتظر بمانم
SerboJedva čekam
Spagnolono ver la hora de
SvedeseJag kan inte vänta
TurcoDört gözle beklemek
Turco(Bir şey için) sabırsızlanmak

“I'm looking forward to” nei testi

Mami, I'm loving you
I feel something inside
I'm looking forward to carry you

What's your name, I don't know

Nicky Jam - Until Dawn

Two bad is looking forward to each other
so I'm looking forward to you till the pain.

You got hit my heart once

Aca Lukas - You're far away

It is what it is, says love - what it is, questions the mind
Wherever it's going, that's what we wanna know - and enter into a new German land
It is what it is, says love - what it is, says the mind
I'm looking forward to my life - making fresh footprints in the white sand

MIA. - What It Is



Nedeljko Bajić Baja - Land of love

my heart is with you ,i don't forget you and i won't,even i'm away
i'm always remebering your good deeds
my heart is with you since tonight i'll be with you ,the longing is getting me killed
i'm looking forward to meeting you
i'll live with you in your fantasy
i'll share with you all your days for the rest of my life

Jannat - i'm coming to you

I've had such a good time
I've had so much fun with you, dear
I'm looking forward to dinner
at two o'clock tomorrow
we've had such a good time, perhaps we'll have something more

Postgirobygget - A sunny day

Hakuna matata, baby,
It's a passing wind
Goodbye, good night, good luck[fn]Arrivederci = "goodbye" in Italian; buenas noches = "good night" in Spanish[/fn]
I'm looking forward to seeing you again

Akvarium - Hakuna Matata

eko fresh:
I was willing and I would like to have been there!
But I'm looking forward to read the script of the 2nd part


Eko Fresh - These Two

If not someone turns the time
So that I about a year, because the day comes
Then it is over, this is the day
I'm looking forward to
This is going to be such a wonderfull day
And now get you gone

Annett Louisan - Get you gone


I'm looking forward to living life to the max
To tailing a new path that leads to the sunshine
I'm feeling so good

Charlie Brown Jr. - She's gonna go back

But who am I, who am I to say?

My heart's an endless winter filled with rage
I'm looking forward to forgetting yesterday

It's all gone cold...

Five Finger Death Punch - Cold

Love is pounding inside of me, I trust you'll do this so that we'll be together tonight at 10 o'clock, cause then you'll be breaking up

I'm looking forward to
Us being together forever
Cause I have never met a man like you before

Medina - 10 o'clock

I’m returning to the here and now
and look into the empty flickering light
The journey through time is over
I’m looking forward to that what is

Unheilig - Journey Through Time

I'm going away, I'm going away
I'm going away from this planet
I'm travelling, I'm travelling
I'm looking forward to the Moon
I will never come back

Plavi Orkestar - I'm going away

And two years later my best piece gets smothered by a big belly
I'm the lightning rod for all your frustration
It's your daddy's birthday you want to leave at 7AM
You're looking for the weekend, I'm looking forward to monday
You dye my stuff (shocking) pink because you want me to make you lough
Your my life's soundtrack; do you hear the record breaking?

Marteria - You Wanna Fight

It's all in your mind

Now I'm back at home and
I’m looking forward to this life I live
You know it's going to harm me
So hesitation to this life I give

The Killers - Spaceman

I see falling stars at my window and
I know you'll be right beside me all night long
I'm waiting for you and I'm looking forward to your arrival
I will give you the best of me

Marcel Pavel - One soul next to the other

I've felt like this
Now I'm here hoping morning will never come again
and it's stupid
Cause I'm looking forward to bringing you flowers in your Matas

Everything is up for loan

Rasmus Nøhr - Right Now And Right Here

I wander again in a city which is sleeping
I'm looking forward to close you in my body
And the rain, and the rain, which is falling down slowly (or silently)
explains me, it explains me, that you won't come again

Maria Iakovou - Again you're not here

now we're on top, we're very relaxed
the others used the stairs
I'm looking forward to tomorrow
when we'll see each other again
we'll meet each other there, where the high rises are

Die Prinzen - Liebe Im Fahrstuhl

And I have donated my body to you

I know I'm yours, I'm the possession of your dreams
I'm looking forward to your flaming Paradise
Just with the faith in you I can expiate my sin
Then I will go on, to the very edge of the abysm

Root - The song for Satan

The future will be more vibrant
I’m fighting consciously against it
Doing nothing is history
I’m looking forward to a life
And living in the here and now ²
I’ll extend my strength…

Bosse - Strength

It is what is say the love - what is it, asks the reason
Where it goes to, that's what we want to know - and enter a new German country
It is what is say the love - what it is, says the reason
I'm looking forward to my life - create new traces on the white beach

MIA. - What it is

In the middle of the night
They told us to go home, but we asked where that was
In the middle of the night
Now I'm looking forward to being an old man
Then I'll probably have a room with light and water
And the cops surely won't visit me there

Kim Larsen - In the Middle of the Night

You're done breaking up (oh)
(ho oh oh)

I'm looking forward to that we (mmh)
Will be together forever
Cause I have

Medina - 10 O'Clock

Tell the others I'm on my way
There are friends and things I have to see
My sky is blue, I'm on my way now
And I'm looking forward to what's gonna happen

Tell the others I'm on my way

Brother Bear (OST) - I'm On My Way

My darling has gone to the army
She writes, she is proposed for a party
I'm looking forward to our first weekend
When I will see her in her military wear

Prljavo Kazalište - My girl has gone to the army

Do it, Elisabeth.
I'm looking forward to you!


Elisabeth das Musical - The Last Chance

I have can full of water
I'll dash their diligence with it
I'm looking forward to that moment
how they're loosing strength

Kabát - Cruel Mole Joy

stay in my heart as spring

Because in the days when the grapes ripen
I´m looking forward with everyone who comes to me
better than ever , just to see me
and you don´t come to me

Mejaši - Better than ever

I was depressed, but
I'm looking forward to this morning
As I run out with a "good morning"
Quicker than the alarm

Dragon Ball Z (OST) - Hot Energy

Everyone keeps telling me
someday better days will come
there'll be someone who change me for good
I'm looking forward to that day

Sadness is in my blood...

Ania Dąbrowska - Sadness is in my blood

I'm looking forward to summer with you
The sun is quite high above (over) me
Come to me then when you're cold
I'm looking forward to summer with you.

It is the first warm day of the year

Blümchen - Summer with You

Was so real, it's never too late

Send a message, I'm waiting for you
I'm looking forward to a sign that you'll come
Tell me that you still believe in us
Tell me that you still worship me

Nikos Kourkoulis - Sin


I'm looking forward to another day without you
The way I see it you could never do what I do
I welcomed you with open arms

All Time Low - The Next Best Thing

As if I'm like the one who stumbled into him/her years ago
Now if I run into you on purpose, it won't matter,I'm helpless without you
Even though, your place will not be filled, not without love
Time will heal me and the future I'm looking forward to

Berkay - You're there

As black as the night can get
Everything is safer now
There is always a way to forget
Once you learn to find a way how

In the blur of serenity

Nine Inch Nails - I'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally

if you make it soon, I’ll let that idea be yours.
Build the bridge, build it because it’s late,
build it because they are waiting for me,
I’m looking forward to arrive home.

To go and to come back

Maria Giovanna Cherchi - The Big Bridge

"After years of torture, the war is over now.
Our so called leader found another path to go.
So I'm on my way back, to my homeland, to my friends.
And I'm looking forward to see my wife and son again

Than I see some black smoke in the air.

Majesty - Thunder in the silence

My dreams are alive
I'll justify myself

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone
ah,what if I meet my other half?

Frozen (OST) - My dreams are alive

Everyone knows these questions, all the scepticism about aim and meaning
That, on dark days, steal the good times from us
And the fear says things will change and the heart says I'm looking forward to it
Life will never stick to rules no matter what you plan or believe

Thomas Godoj - What if

Sometimes we might have some rest
And we might as well stride slowly down the road
I'm looking forward to hearing a long news from you
Even if the foes are all around you
Because I'm still on your side

Kemono Friends - My Friend

- Yes, sure.

Oh, oh, oh, no...
I'm looking forward to seeing you, sweetheart.
I have the perfume
You've given to me.

Claudia Mori - Good evening, doctor

It's the last chance, it's not very big,
but there's no other choice.

I'm looking forward to my new life,
to everything that lies in front of me.
I only have a single wish,

Die Toten Hosen - Test pattern

My Grass Dealer, My anaesthesiologist
Your lady is a nurse,
Never say, "At some point it gets better"
I say: "Yes, okay. I'm looking forward to this.
And whether it is still in the background on the radio running pop rock songs"
I did not like this personally,

Samy Deluxe - Open heart

I'm looking forward to feeling
Your kiss one more time
Let me give you everything
In a night...
To stick my pieces back together
Only in your arms

Eleni Hatzidou - Set me on fire

When the law returns to us
To rise my children on my own
When the law returns to us
I'm looking forward to straighten up my back
When the law returns to us
I'll decide my things by myself

Spirituál Kvintet - I Want to Be the Sun

"A while flower bloomed in the slope"
"I took 100 yen to the police"
"The rainbow was gone before I counted all of the colors"
"I'm looking forward to a rice bawl with steak"
"A new season is right around the corner"
The sunset is so mean... Ah, I want to have more chats

Ojamajo Doremi (OST) - Infinites of Wonderfulness

As the years go by, and we grow old and grey

Now you're expecting me to live without you
But that's not something that I'm looking forward to

I can't get used to living here

Ringo Starr - Photograph

to you....
Please come back to me!
No matter how empty would be there...
I'm looking forward to feelings...

Stop the time ...

Galina Bezruk - Give the sky to you

Looking like you
This little tune
Makes time pass by quickly
I'm looking forward to seeing you
Again tomorrow

Ojamajo Doremi (OST) - Your song

with those who know exactly who you are

We read One Hundred Years of Solitude
I'm looking forward to one
I'll be quiet from now on
and see what happens

Säkert! - The Ice

They're cutting with the knife
The tender flesh comes apart
This is going to be an awesome feeding
That I'm looking forward to already

We're eating corpses - 'cause dead flesh tastes so nice to us

WIZO - Corpses

'Cause that's where loving really starts

Julie through the glass
I'm looking forward to
Doing things with you
For many, many years to come

Carly Simon - Julie Through The Glass

I love you, I want you
I do not live without you, oh
I crazy and I'm get wild, me
I'm looking forward to conquering you
And if I do not succeed I commit suicide

Fără Zahăr - Come on baby

That's what I wish for the two of us

The whole long day
I'm looking forward to seeing you
Because I like you
And saying goodbye is so hard for me

Vicky Leandros - Stop the world

Longing, you have always been my longing
my secret desire here in time
The one I'm looking forward to

Shadow, without you, I've been only a shadow

Nina Badrić - Longing

At night I lay in bed and think about how I’m going to tell Yüksel
That I no longer want to sit next to him
Tomorrow is April 20th, we’re attending a party
I’m looking forward to the bouncy castle, since it lets me
forget about Yüksel

Sookee - Bouncy Castle

Because for the first time in forever
I don't have to be alone

I'm looking forward to meet everyone
And what if I meet the man of my life?

Disney Fandubs - For The First Time In Forever

I wake up early one Sunday morning, the sun is blinding me through the blinds
The last picture from a dream flashes before I forget it
I'm quiet, so that the floor is squeaking, to not wake you up
I find room on the windowsill where I sit down
For a short moment, the moment isn't bigger than you and I
And in my head, I see slide photos from the long path

Ankerstjerne - Slide Photos 3

It will surely be a fucking rush
- Hope that I never die

I'm looking forward to the year 2000
Looking forward to the year 2000
Looking forward to the year 2000...

Kjøtt - (I'm looking forward to) The year 2000

She's smiling. She's got plenty of time. Nothing's killing her.
The Sun, my Sun is there.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.
We get along well. No need for learned dialects.
A select atmosphere on you and me and all over the world.

Ménélik - There

How are things with him?
Wow~ seriously, for real?!
I’ll be the bridesmaid
Leave it to me I’m looking forward to it!
Everytime we go back it instantly
Becomes like the past so

E-girls - Highschool love

I'm excited and here it's aching, my head will probably burn down
The world is just now, like a handsome man, giving me its hand

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!
Maybe I'll meet the one!

Frozen (OST) - Right now

Interactive video to meet you.
Look at the uploaded photos double miss
I'm looking forward to your tweet about my transformation.

10P.M.. Panic in the rehearsal dialogue

Super Girls - Be My Love

Is it the scent of everything I feel from before
Those great delights
I'm looking forward to them (she's looking forward to them)
I'm looking forward to them (she's looking forward to them)

Jokke & Valentinerne - Wrong again