Charles Aznavour - Inoubliable (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese


A beauty in devil's clothing
God's creature
Insanly female
Water and flame
Love is for you
just a game
Like the sand
that you let run through your fingers*
As much as I said to myself
that loving you is insane
Yes but you are my life
We loved each other, mingled
connected, desired, split
Like lovers
Terrible and enraged
But besides death
Nothing can break us apart
Forever united
With a way stronger agreement
then just blood
Light of my heart
You're fascinating me
You illuminate day and night
with your excistence
My excistence
Fed up by happiness
Half-angel and half-demon
Under all your masks
You stay pretty and fantastic
You, daughter of Eve
When I dream of you
in the bed of my passions
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Commenti dell’autore:

* literally: that you let pass through your fingers
This is a free translation, the way I understood it. If you have any corrections feel free to post them.



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InternationalSong    Sab, 14/04/2012 - 19:04

Very nice translation. A few suggestions:

maybe, follement femme - insanely female

N'est que jeux - is just a game (not negative)
(ne .. que = just/only)

sable que tu files entre les doigts
sand that you let pass through your fingers
filer - (let) pass

hormis - besides (typo), except for
hormis la mort - besides death

maybe, You *illuminate" night and day
(instead of 'enlight')

when I dream *of* you
in the *bed* of my passion(s)

Ice300    Sab, 14/04/2012 - 19:25

Many thank's I've corrected the lyrics.