Flëur - Ispolinskie chornye grify (Исполинские чёрные грифы) (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Giant Black Griffons

I'm standing on the edge
Looking down the cold abyss
I can already see the sharp rocks at the bottom
Shadows thicken around me
The giant black griffons
Which watch closely the dark planets go
Say my name, stop me
Don't let me become a victim of this mad birds
Save me and take me away
Don't let me look down anymore
Time flows to slowly
I'm afraid I won't see the daybreak
Though it's useless: the darkness is inside
Cruelly cold stones
Insatiably malicious griffons
Will be pecking my heart till dawn
Find me, free me
From claws and wings of this mad birds
Cover me and calm me
Don't let me look down anymore
Among light heavenly arches
Among dark lifeless streets
Is there someone to stop this?
Blame me if you want to
I'm infinitely tired of pain
I just wanted to hear some words of love
Find me, free me
My mind is a flock of mad birds
Understand me, embrace me
Don't let me look down anymore
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Ispolinskie chornye grify (Исполинские чёрные грифы)

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AN60SH    Lun, 27/08/2012 - 14:41

Ну..., мне так не дано, тупизм и работа с технической документацией, мозоли от халтуры... съели живость зачатков..., иссушили мозг... Иду дорогой, что вьётся..., проложена кем-чем??? Дурею от безделья, заняться бы кем!?
Перевод для образумления, до чего ж хорош! Это по мне... Всего-всего