Kaapataan Lentokone Moskovaan (traduzione in Inglese)

  • Artista: Sleepy Sleepers
  • Canzone: Kaapataan Lentokone Moskovaan
  • Traduzioni: Inglese
  • Richieste: Russo
traduzione in IngleseInglese

Let's Hijack an Airplane to Moscow

Eins, zwei, drei!
We once got a really good idea
"Let's hijack that airplane and fly to Moscow"
We set ourselves up staking in the Tupolev
Dug out our willies with their condoms
With karate we struck the captain unconscious
And pulled his underpants down
"Now you dude will fly this plane to Moscow
or we'll rape you right at the plane's steering wheel"
Captain, with his eyes like wheels, flew to Moscow
A minister in a bunker tore his hair off
In Moscow we demanded the return of Karelia
But they just offered a ride to Sweden in a Moskvitch
But then things took a turn for the worse
We hijacker boys made the mistake of sleeping
And the captain came and fucked us until we were stunned
We were furious when we didn't wake up to an orgasm
The comrades of the head office ordered us to be sent to Siberia
And tomorrow morning we'll be circumcised
Probably even Olgas won't like us anymore
When the hijacked boys lost their balls in Moscow
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Commenti dell’autore:

It's a... silly song.

"Eins, zwei, drei!" is German so I left it untranslated. It means "One, two, three!"

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Kaapataan Lentokone Moskovaan

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