Kate Simmonds - Creation Song


Creation Song

I wanted to express all of My love, that's what I am
I wanted to reflect all of My glory in My creation
Here I am: I am the Author of all life,
I turn the darkness into light
I hang the clouds upon the sky
and throw the stars into the night
I shut the sea behind its shores,
to edge of night I bring the dawn
The hands of time are held by me,
to gates of death I hold the key
Yesterday, today, forever -
yesterday, today, forever
Long before the world began
I saw your faces, I knew your names
Just like a father loves his child,
that's how I love you, so much love for you
Here I am: I made it all so you could be
in perfect harmony with me
But with a falling angel's cry
pride brought an end to paradise
And as through one all turned away,
yet through One all shall be saved
And just as sin reigned in death
so grace reigns in righteousness
Yesterday, today, forever -
yesterday, today, forever
And through My sacrificial child
to Me the world is reconciled
Confess His name and you are seen
through His blood that washes clean
And though you thought in death He failed,
it was the reason that He came
But He died so to be raised
now at My right hand He now reigns
I've promised He shall come again
to judge the living and the dead
And when that chosen day arrives
shall all My glory fill the skies
And all shall bow down to His name,
evil shall not live again
And you shall rise up to that place
I have prepared that now awaits
Yesterday, today, forever -
yesterday, today, forever
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