khoda poshtame خدا پشتمه (traduzione in Inglese)


khoda poshtame خدا پشتمه

من خود اونی ام
که هرشب بغضمو قورت میدم
من شبام سیاه و تاره
روشنایی واسه من فقط یه خیاله
من خوبی ندیدم
حتی خانوادم میدن فریبم
من یه جوونه پیره پیرم
که از همه چی بُریده شده اُمیدم
وقتی خدا پشتم بود و ندیدم
تو این پاییزم تنها و غریبم
مثل یه جوونی که هیچ سودی نداره
حتی افتاده از چشم خانواده
نمیدونم کی دوستمه کی دشمنمه
نمیدونم کی با منه کی پشت منه
وقتی مشکلاتم نمیذارن بخوابم اونوقت
بابام فکر میکنه من رو به راهم
تفصیره اون نیست من جوون بدی ام
جوونی که دنبال پول نیست
همه دنیاش شده یه اشک رو گونه
آرزویی نداره همه فکرش این بوده
که تو زندگیش به هدفش برسه
نمیتونه بخوابه همش توی این حسه
که نکنه نشه و سر شکسته شه
اونوقت همه درا یه جا روم بسته شه
من باختم دوباره
بدون ترس تا همیشه
یه آدم پُر از بغض
که تاریکه مسیرش
که حالش تا ابد
دیگه خوب نمیشه
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traduzione in Inglese

God has my back

I'm the same one
who swallows his sob every night
My nights are all dark and gloomy
Light is only a dream for me
I haven't ever been treated kindly
Even my family deceives me
I'm an old, old youth
who has stopped hoping for anything
When God had my back and I couldn't see
I'm also alone and lonely in my fall
Like a youth who is of no use
And has no credit with his own family
I can't tell my friends from my foes
I can't tell who's with me and who's against me
When my problems don't let me go to sleep
My dad thinks I'm alright...
It's not his fault, I'm a bad youth
who is not after money
His world has boiled down to a drop of tear on his cheek
He has no dreams; his only desire has been to
reach his goal in life
He can't sleep, he only feels that
it might not work out and he gets disappointed
then all the doors will shut at me at once
I lost again
with no fears, forver
A man full of sobs
whose path is dark
who will never feel
good again
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