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Testo delle canzoni: Feces Fetish

  • Artista: Kill Ebola
  • Album: Angry Ai

Feces Fetish

Why guys get offended
Pretend to be menaces
Bye bye to befriending
Why you sending shots over messages
Come convince me of your ending bitch
Stomping rodents shit sentences
Copping crystals from my chemist quick
Slowly going out my mind
At least its sum to do besides the boring cycled schedules all the time
I dont care if you can't hear me fine
I could fuss less about success cus my rhymes ain’t for the attention follows likes is that the reason that you grind
Go ahead and die young for no one
Used to want to but who don't
You not special and you won't
Be ever your moldy
Just leave nuts on old jeans
Air dried hung wet pussy
Do lyrics have to have a point please
Leave you leaking like a canoe do
In an avenue like the rat you move
With a bag of fruits fuck processed foods
You lacking tunes that surpass my poop
Brain stew sipped from shoes
Paint you now new room
In a madder mood better watch your moves
Like a line backer bitch you gon' loose
Sanity and some family
Their limbs be eating up by mammal teeth
Spit profanity for all the junky fucking angry teens
Where the danger be
If you wanna be an amputee keep bothering
Get a stub job
Cum shot
On a dumb thot
Alien blood make yo gums rot
Quit spitting raps grab a scrub mop
Gun shots giving to a dumb cop
Play my poop duke play my poop
Pointed tube to your dew paint the god damn room
Play my poop duke play my poop
Period blood bloomed best used to be lube
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