Asenblut - Klingenschmiede (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Blade Forge

There, beneath deep stone and rock1,
hidden2 from the eye
it still invades into the world,
the sound of countless forges.
Foul envy vehemently flashes
through the haze of the facade,
even though you3 neither know (any) element4
nor our proficiency and skill5.
We are inside of every blade
that you 3 raise in battle
so that it may claim victory
When it strives towards the heart!
But only in old flames
this steel can thrive
that brings us together today
and makes crosses spew splinters!
We are marked and scarred
by coals and by life.
(We) have starved6 at the fire for a long time
to raise the swords now!
Shatter(ed) like the wrong sword
the vanity of the intrigues,
(when) a hammering then goes through the night,
you3 shall remember the forge!
  • 1. "Felsgestein" more literary means "rockstone", it is a word that is used for really hard big stones that form a mountain or are deep underground
  • 2. more literary "seperated"
  • 3. a. b. c. plural
  • 4. propably refers to "element" in the sense of "the four elements" as well as in the meaning of "integral part"
  • 5. more literary "nor our proficiencyart"
  • 6. not only in the meaning of "to hunger" but also in the meaning of "to suffer privations"
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I like these lyrics because they are such a great metaphor for composing.



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