Kommerz (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese


Four sounds are better than three
Why don't you spend all your money for TC?
Everything that you want to achieve in life
is to be a star (celebrity); you feel like being popular
You need a producer
Polishing your image
If the crowd loves you
the stage is just yours
Is it that what you want?
Is it that what you need?
Is it worth to bend over backwards
just to please everybody?
Why don't you remain true to yourself?
Come to me here, don't hide yourself
I'm your voice that speaks to you
Come to me here, listen to your heart
Buy me
I am commerce
You are the marionette of the record bosses
You make the big money, you are a teen star
But what you really want
nobody knows but you
But as long as the money is right
you will be everything for us
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