Ogun Sanlisoy - Küçük Mafya (traduzione in Inglese)

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The Little Mafia

Your gun's under the pillow,
every moment is restless,
your best friend's in prison.
This dogfight ends in grave.
Wooden revolver is your first toy.
I can't understand the mentality of the one who bought it.
Your divinity become money and power.
Don't stay as a slave of the fake king.
Did they beat you up too much when you're young?
Did they scorn you at the grand loves?
Look, finally you've gone mad...
Little mafia, throw away your gun right now.
Little mafia, hapiness is far away from you.
Little mafia, drop that desire.
Little mafia, get your taste of freedom.
No owner of it, everyone is renter.
We are all passengers and the world's the inkeeper.
How many of the men that you wannabe
have found the potion of immortality?
The pain within doesn't stop.
Give it up, enough, this goes too far.
Your mom exerted herself for you
don't forget, she prays for you.
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Küçük Mafya

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