Karpe Diem - Kunsten å være Inder (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

The art of beeing Indian

Are we talking about self-irony, i have more than plenty,
Look stupid on skii and had mustache in first grade.
Many predicted me a future as a cleaner
but you know I break out and start to swap out the myths,
cause it's a fact that the black (people) are everywhere,
and VG (Norwegian newspaper) know they are behind when anyone is assaulted.
Comes to your country, take with me a lot of shit,
selling weed and kebab to your child.
They live where you live and it starts to be dangerous
cause yesterday your daughter came home with one named Ali.
He had BMW and that was very shiny
Hair in and buffalo on his feets.
You do what you should and throw him at the door,
Cause you can't imagine your daugther to use veil (Hijab).
It's wild conditions in Tiger Town,
and if you're a lil brown, you're a lil Bin Laden.
But i have learned that you have to be smart, learn soon
that I have to give explaination on every honor killings.
And you can say: Chico Overdramatize a little now,
yes and you can say: Eyyyy think over what you say now!
But i had enough and i cant take it no more,
I go to party and the babes ask me about the Beagle Boys.
"Why are you vegetarian, what you know about Al-quaida?
I know you're not like that"
Why u ask me then?
Born and live in a country you want me to leave,
Watch out, watch out, Bunad (traditional Norwegian clothes) turns into Burka. (x2)
You want to give refugees cleaning-jobs and norwegian-testers,
I vote the streets parlament and give they Whimsical as the leader.
Comes from a country with little food and little clothing,
Where the money goes to people that has allready guns and military.
I have seen it, i promise you it's bad there,
Lucky that lives in the north, it's cold, but i'm chilling here.
So dont missunderstand, i'm happy i live in Norway,
but i'm still wrong man with wrong name and colour.
A lot thinks that Karpe Diem makes more violence, and say more bizarre things than thefat guy in D12.
Me and Magdi has a good plan like Egon,
we only need som cary people that want to join!
Cause if you dare to kill Carl-Ivar,
then you got more guts and balls than what we have.
You hate Chirag more than Chirag hates skii-day.
We are brothers so why make jihad?
so before i end let me say one more thing,
Kill me cause of my colour and make a new Benjamin.
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Bad english, but hope you understand!


Kunsten å være Inder

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