Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (OST) - Opening Theme (English)

  • Artista: Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (OST) ( キャッ党忍伝てやんでえ)
  • Artista partecipante (featuring): Michael Airington

Opening Theme (English)

Would somebody PLEASE cue that bird?
Samurai Pizza Cats...
Oooh yeah!
Who do you call when you want some pepperoni?
Samurai Pizza Cats...
Right on!
They're stepping out crime, and you know that ain't balony
There's Speedy Cerviche,
he's the leader of the bunch
That's right!
A heck of a fighter
makes a heck of a lunch.
And little Polly Esther
who's never afraid
That's me!
of going into battle
when the bad guys invade.
Here's Guido Anchovis
a wild romantic rover.
This cat gets down down
with a love hangover
Here come the Pizza Cats.
They're so bad.
They've got more fur than any turtle ever had!
They're stronger than old cheese...
Stronger than old cheese
Stronger than dirt...
Stronger than dirt
Step on their tails...
Get off my tail!
And you're gonna get hurt...
Don't hurt me!
Samurai Pizza Cats...
They're fighting crime
All over town!
Four... Three... Two... One...
The Pizza Cats are on the run!
The Big Cheese is the villain,
who's lower than low.
It's a rotten shame
he lives in Little Tokyo.
We've got a nasty Bad Bird
and some nasty Ninja Crowes.
As soon as someone finds the script
we might begin the show.
Sit back and rest your feet
and turn the sound up high.
And if you want the full effects
go eat a pizza pie!
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Michael Airington was both the writer AND the singer for this song. The story goes that while Michael was goofing around and singing this song, he had had a couple of drinks so on the line "this cat gets down down with a love hangover" he accidentally said the word "down" twice instead of once. This funny little mistake was kept and can be heard in the final cut (better known as the opening you all know today)

This show was known for demolishing the 4th much like the Animanics had been known for doing. Fans liked that too.

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