Kyuss - Demon Cleaner

  • Artista: Kyuss
  • Interpretato anche da: Tool
  • Album: "Welcome To Sky Valley" (1994)
  • Traduzioni: Greco

Demon Cleaner

I've got the demons in me,
I've got to flush them all away,
I feel the demons rage,
I must clean them all away
Yeah (yeah)
Inside I see more,
Cobwebs in the way,
The magic cleaner will,
Shine his smile over me
I am the demon,
Cleaner to save the day,
I get the back one,
Important they'll always stay
If only one thing that you'll know
Impostors from the show,
They'll try to trick you into,
Normal treatment,
Oh don't you listen to them say,
Shush them all away
I am the demon cleaner,
Madman of Encino,
I am the the freedom bleeder,
Standing naked here to say,
I'm the only way
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