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La marine (traduzione in Inglese)

  • Artista: Georges Brassens Interpretato anche da: Gabriel Yacoub, Renaud
  • Canzone: La marine Album: La mauvaise réputation
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traduzione in IngleseInglese

The navy

They are found, in miniature,
in our brief one day love affairs
all the joys. all the pains
of love affairs that last for ever.
That’s the fate of us navy men1
and of all our young girls.
We come to shore. Quick! a mouth
for our kisses, a body too.
And the joys and the sulks,
the quarrels, and makings up
of big love affairs, they’re all there
in miniature in our little ones.
We laughed, we kissed each-other,
on the eyelids, on the tits,
in the hair lots of snogging
dropped like warm new-laid eggs.
All we do in just one day!
and how we spin the time out !
More than three times, in just one day,
content, not content, content.
And in the room a scent
of tender love and of tar.
It fills your heart with joy,
with pain as well, and that’s good.
We’re not there to talk…
but we think, even while making love.
We think that tomorrow will dawn
and that that’s a calamity.
That’s the fate of us navy men
and of all our young darlingss.
We land. But we realise
that it won’t be paradise.
It won’t do any good to hurry,
to try, good heavens, to defeat time
and pack it full of all our sins,
that can’t be, and yet
all the joys, all the pains
of everlasting love affairs,
we find them, in miniature,
in out little one day affairs...
  • 1. la marine: the navy (national or merchant) OR the navy's sailors - here it's the sailors
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La marine

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