Isabelle Boulay - La vie devant toi (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Life is Ahead of You

You’re just 20 years old
And life is ahead of you
But, it’s just that life
Is always ahead
But, there’s no one here
To stop the pain
To turn off your alarm clock
Which buzzes, and buzzes, and buzzes…
No matter what, don’t make mistakes
About the future or about the metro
No matter what, don’t fall to sleep
And miss the boat
That goes off with or without you
Towards nowhere in specific
That the wind brings back
To the point where you began
You’re all alone in the crowd
Stumbling on the ground
Marching on the waves
Drowning in the desert
Following every mirage
Capturing every face
Searching the coasts
In the middle of the ocean
If you think you’re drunk
You can always lie
You’re just 20 years old
The world to discover
When you’re full of love
It fills your future
Especially when you thought
About going to the movies
Once again you find yourself holding tightly onto
The emptiness between your arms
And then there are those
Who turn off the light
Who die when they don’t have to
Who get themselves messed up
Believing that the world is horrible
And who leave you their hearts
Like graveyards
And then there is everyone else
Who wants to live
Without ever getting dirty
Without risking death
Who makes laws
In order to never suffer
To drive me crazy
To make madness illegal
If you want my youth
You can always run
You’re just 20 years old
And time is before you
You have a thousand nights
In the back of your memory
People pretend to think
That it’s the first time
They have been everywhere
For money, for love
For alcohol, for glory
Because we’re always thirsty
Because we don’t know how to sip
You cling at a thread
You’re scared of falling
You’re all alone in the night
In which you cry or pray
And all that you have left
In this world without
Anger and attrition
War and censure
Everything that you can’t get rid of
Everything that you can’t take for yourself
It’s everything that you can’t see
Everything that isn’t for sale
If you leave, I’ll stay
You can always run away
If you think you’re drunk
You can always lie
If you want my youth
You can always run
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There's a typo in the original lyrics in the 1st verse: "Pour clamer ton réveil" should be "Pour calmer ton réveil."


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benevoliste    Lun, 04/02/2013 - 04:21

@ Eponine : the typo is corrected, you were right about it