Saša Kovačević - Lagala Me Il' Ne Lagala (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Lie me or lie me not

Once you used your fingers to write on my lips
I knew your every secret
Once we spoken with our eyes like with words
Now I don`t know who you are when I look at you
And who is he in our story
Is this what it looks like
whatever, I wish you two all the best
That lie is all I had left
Because you, lie or lie me not
And I know you wouldn't fall for me
I brought this sorrow on my own
And you be to him all that you can`t
But give to me, until you go to him
to see you one last time
Once you swore me, not to belong to someone else
And that I never sell us
Once when you loved breath of this lips
Once when we breathe love outloud
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Lagala Me Il' Ne Lagala

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