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The Land Beyond the Mountain

Over the river, through the woods,
there's a world beyond the mountain,
I travel there when I feel
disappointed in the existence here.
Where the sun sits high in the sky,
where the air is clean and clear.
Where life is as I wish it was there.
People living in this world
are in harmony with nature.
No one freezes, no one starves,
no one fears violence or war.
Animals and plants are respected
down to the smallest life on the ground.
Everything related,
everything has its place and time.
In this world, one sees children
as the greatest under heaven;
Like a flower which will grow out of its plant.
They receive warmth and comfort,
they receive security and love
so that one day they can give it to others.
In this world, one sees life
in divine perspective;
as a purpose, as a whole,
like a thought so infinitely wise.
All species have a task,
all people the same goal;
Life's meaning
is that life shall endure.
May we ever see an hour
without egoism and avarice,
without cruelty, without stupidity, here on earth?
Or is it just prudence,
tolerance and real love
beyond the mountain, on the other side of the river?
In a cave in my dreamworld
lives an old wise man.
I have asked many times
how one creates a world in balance.
But every time I wonder
he gives the same advice;
You shall dig
You shall build it where you stand.
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Postato da CeilCeil Mar, 20/09/2016 - 02:10
Commenti dell’autore:

This hopeful song fully pictures a utopia which neither Björn Afzelius, nor we in our current world, have been able to see. The video has a wonderful slide show with photos of Björn. Many thanks to Maria Strand for her help in editing this translation.


Landet bortom bergen

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