Karina (Spain) - Las Flechas del Amor (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Arrows of love

When I looked at the blue I found Cupid,
he was shooting his arrows but I didn't see the target
Maybe I or maybe you, maybe they'll reach you,
but you'll find out because they get really stuck
Here he is, here comes so happy,
with his arrows of love for you,
maybe for me too,
for me too.
These arrows go with you wherever you go,
they're in your hair and in the way you look,
are the arrows that get stuck once and once again,
these arrows go with you wherever you go.
And you'll see they'll tell you that you don't have a heart
and you never worry of thinking about love.
It's the same, because after all we will all have our turns,
and the arrows are spreaded out because Cupid comes and goes.
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Las Flechas del Amor

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