Lind Erebros - Finrod and Sauron

  • Artista: Lind Erebros
  • Album: Elven Oratory III: The Lay of Leithian

Finrod and Sauron

Who are you? What is this?
Who has come to my lands?
Foolish Elf and a Man
I guess now you are damned
You will tell me what I want
When your entrails will flaunt
For glory of Elbereth
I will torture you to death
I am the one
Master of stone
Friend of the man
Never alone
Now you will hear
My magic song
This land once was bright
With lake full of swans
That shrouded by sunlight
And tower of dawn
Minas Tirith that rose on the vale
Of Sirion
Here I am the one who find them, blind them
Bring them all and in the darkness bind them
Rule them all to be what they deserve
To the master of the darkness serve
Do not hesitate to step inside
Tol-in-Gaurhoth where the shadows lie
Tower on the river Sirion
For eternity belong
To Maia Sauron
Sun will arise
Burning away
Mist from my eyes
And I can pray
Call for the powers of nature
And they will obey
Field lies in white
Sky under spell
Shining so bright
When she pass through the dell
My lady of light
My Starkind
In the wind I hear
Eagle's scream is near
Under the clouds
At dusk shrouds
Hope they are bringing
Storm from sky smashes the ground
All shall fall, or will run
Fire burning all around
The Black Lord standing proud
Every step shakes the land
Dries the seas, melts the sand
He has power in his hands
To rule this world to the end
When Ainulindalë first theme sounded
One of our brothers' song was banned
When Ainulindalë third theme sounded
I realised he is the one
One who can create his own desire
One who's not a slave nor thief nor liar
He shows to me what I live and die for
No one ever offers more
Master Vala Melkor
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