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I am a squirrel
I say I love you
But you must go from me
I wait to see you again
You are a long way away
Which I don't like
But when the street approaches
Then I think of my bike...
And you are here again
I want a child from you
Just think of humanity
It leaves us no time
We must multiply
Not cross streets
The man doesn't recognise you
In the spotlight...
Look left,
Look right,
Observe the traffic
Because German streets are never empty.
Look left, look right,
Here nobody pays attention to you
Even if you rush
You don't escape them
Look left, look right,
Because the man is fundamentally bad
And you are immediately dead,
You insist on your rights here!
Look left, look right.
That is exactly the law,
Because danger lurks...
In the road network!
And always remember
The bunny [rabbit] nextdoor
[he] searched for bread daily,
now he's stone-dead1
Like a little magpie,
Was always the quickest
Now she drives a car,
Only as a hood ornament2
I run after you
Watching out for the traffic
I see you at the edge of the street
I almost didn't recognise you
If you had listened to me
Then this wouldn't have happened
We must multiply
Otherwise we will die out
  • 1. Literally 'mouse-dead' or "as dead as a mouse".
  • 2. The logo often found at the front of a car; i.e. Mercedes Benz, Bentley etc.
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