A little snow was here and there (traduzione in Russo)

  • Artista: Emily Dickinson
  • Canzone: A little snow was here and there 4 traduzioni
  • Traduzioni: Francese, Russo #1, #2, #3

A little snow was here and there

A little Snow was here and there
Disseminated in her Hair —
Since she and I had met and played
Decade had gathered to Decade —
But Time had added not obtained
Impregnable the Rose
For summer too indelible
Too obdurate for Snows —
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traduzione in RussoRusso (poetic, rhyming)
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Немножко снега здесь и там

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Немножко снега, Здесь и там,
Припорошило кудри ей —
С тех пор, как подружились мы,
Прошло немало лет и дней —
А Время лишь прибавилось,
но не сломило Розу
Ведь Лета суть упрямая
Ей не страшны морозы —
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