L'Océane (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese


125 miles that's raining cats and dogs
She has fun in the capital city
By the radar in the october night
It's my party on the national road
Normally, driving by night, that's not so bad
Sailing off the coast, you had to see the storm
Bypass road, the Loire is too swollen
I'm lucky, there's a gas station open
Normally, the quiet life is the canal
Toodle-oo, It's me who're here I trust you and I want to know why ?
It's laugh in her phone
Paris Notre-Dame : 93 miles
Mr. Coffee is out of order
After all, I'll be more quiet
Normally, for refueling
It's the stopover
The tape is playing Wing Cries Mary
I'm tailgating a ghost train
If I overtook it before Stone Free
that's she loves me, she lies if I loose
Normally, looseing a bet don't care me
Toodle-oo, It's me who're here I trust you but I miss you
135 mph, It's in the bag, I take her sunday in a trip
In front of me, lights of ambulance, car crash
Stop police roadblock
Normally, a wounded man, that's hurt me
In happy days, we run to love, the passage of time broke the wire, in due days, I'll make a knot...
Three buddies who're sleeping in her home
As is more she pouts
Soft light and cinnamon punch
There's a good chance she don't sleep alone
Normally, after 8 days it's great
My seat belt, I'm coming to the toll
Gatso are in strike
Maybe she's ironing
Within one hour to belive in my dreams
Normally, the end of a dream is rough
The lights, a Paradise City
Robot L come from Moon
Paris-south, Beltway-east
Robot L seek a fortune
Normally, when you hang on, you fall down
Toodle-oo, It's me who're here I trust you I was just passing by
Toodle-oo, I was just passing by
I miss you...
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Oceane is the nickname of the french highway "Autoroute A-11" from Paris to Nantes.



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