Lost cause

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Lost cause (Inglese) — A person or thing that can no longer hope to succeed or be changed for the better. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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Lost cause — "Χαμένη υπόθεση"!

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Lost cause — безнадежное дело; гиблое дело

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Traduzioni di "Lost cause"

FranceseCause perdue
ItalianoCausa persa
ItalianoUna guerra persa

“Lost cause” nei testi

Come here and visit my world
Dead history shining stars
Our love is the only way
Don't get lost cause i am waiting
Summer feelings are waiting, boy

Yall - Hundred Miles

You, do you remember me?,
Like, I remember you
Do you spend your life, going back in your mind to that time?,
Cause I, I walk the streets alone,
I hate being on my own, and everyone can see that,
I really fell, and I'm going through hell.

Enrique Iglesias - Somebody's Me

Where is the moment we needed the most?
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost

You tell me your blue skies fade to grey
You tell me your passion's gone away
And I don't need no carryin' on

Daniel Powter - Bad Day

If I don't deserve your love,
Fine, don't love me, but stay another day

Don't love me because I'm a lost cause
Because the world is changing, because its destiny
Because it's not possible, we are a mirror (of each other)

Jennifer Lopez - Don't Love Me

you,do you remember me? like i remember you? do you spend your life going back in your mind to that time? cause i, i walk to street so long i hate being on my own and everyone can see that i really fell and i'm going trough hell thinking about you with somebody else somebody wants you somebody needs you somebody dreams about you every single night somebody can't breathe without it's lonely somebody hopes that one day you will see that somebody's me that somebody's me oh yeah how how did we go wrong ? it was so good and now its gone and i pray at night that our paths will cross and what we hide isn't lost cause you're always right here in my thoughts somebody wants you somebody needs you somebody dreams about you every single night somebody can't breathe without you it's lonely somebody hops that one day you will see that somebody's oh yeah you will always be in my life and if i'm not in your life cause it is in my memory you will you remember me and before you set me free oh listen please somebody wants wants you somebody need you somebody dreams about you every single night somebody can't breathe without you it's lonely somebody hopes that one day you will see that somebody's me that somebody's me that somebody's me oh yeah

Enrique Iglesias - some bodys me

Because they've never lived drunk & openly
Beaten soldiers for a war without victory

& If my life is nothing but a lost cause
I will leave free for having believed in it

Grégory Lemarchal - Headlong

Sleeping all alone
You wake up with a bottle in your hands
No sound of serenade
Cause we both know we lost our game

I was always high on loving you

Koit Toome & Laura - Verona

You, you came to my life to teach me.
you, knew how to turn me on and turn me off. (hard part though)
you, had became indespensable for me.

And with my eyes closed I followed you.
If I searched for pain I've done well.

Camila - Liar

Someone found a letter you wrote me, on the radio
And they told the world just how you felt
It must have fallen out of a hole in your old brown overcoat
They never said your name
But I knew just who they meant

Donna Summer - On the radio

Ain't no mercy, a-ain't no mercy
Got that purple Lamborghini lurkin (Rozay!)

Don't be beggin' for your life 'cause that's a lost cause
High stakes, body armor, suicide boy
It's a time for games and it's a time to kill

Skrillex - Purple Lamborghini

And this that Sorry 4 The Wait 2
No more am I my brother's keeper, Cain and Abel
Young Money sharp, I'm still eatin', I just chipped my tooth
Tell them niggas no love lost cause I ain't got shit to lose
I told myself to save yourself cause I can't save you
I send my goons to kill somebody, I need head proof

Lil Wayne - CoCo

She plays her vinyl records singing songs on the eve of destruction
She's a sucker for all the criminals breaking the laws
She will come in first for the end of western civilization
She's an endless war, she's a hero for the lost cause
Like a hurricane in the heart of devastation
She's a natural disaster

Green Day - Last of the American Girls

Remember, was the first time
I told you I loved you at the bus station
Don't forget, cause it's not over
I'm not lost cause I'm just missing you

I searched the moon

Green Day - Missing You

I didn't understand

You were the love of my life
My lost cause
I don't wanna understand

Sebastián Yatra - Devuélveme El Corazón

to deal with the disgrace . . .
(for as many disputes that there may be
at home, for as much as
you believe that your love is a lost cause,
be assured that they love you
and that this affection lasts a lifetime)

Ruben Blades - Love and control

Turn on the lights,
In this port where you're waiting for my boat,
So that you return, fill me with your dream,
and make me return to my calmness,
Because if I lose you, I'll not exist,
Because you are a part of who I am.

Pablo Alborán - I'll not forget you

The pardons which God gives me, repentant,
My love, are all yours, as I am yours.

It is a lost cause, for it should
Not be forbidden to love, and desire.

Mísia - My Soul, thirsty for love, yet dry

Never to be a stranger I called my family
Never had I faith in my philosophy
Never had I a guru or a guide
Never did I reject a lost cause
Never did I deny that those are my favorites

Héroes del Silencio - Lotus Flower

Conversations come quick to steal me back again

We're always waiting for the night
Never lost cause we can go where the light shines brightest
We're always waiting for the night
So come with me and we can go where the light shines brightest

Armin van Buuren - Waiting For The Night

Take away the remains of April
Take away the kisses that I never gave you
The seconds of my clock
And this heart broken in two

Take away your skin and the pain

Camila - Remains of April

I'm tired of fighting
I'm tired of fighting
Fighting for a lost cause

Beck - Lost Cause

What you don't know
What you can't see
What you don't realise you once had until you see that it's not free
And as for us
It's not clear
The clouds ain't always bad if when they fade it's love

Rebecca Black - In Your Words

The breath, the ground, the poise, the footing
are lost
The view, the thread- lost cause
I need you back

Bosse - The Art Of Losing

Look at you
Look at me
In this wild place
In this wild place
All that we have ever seen
Is this wild place

Glass Pear - Wild Place

You're really cute, I must admit
But I need something deeper than this
I wanna know when I'm looking at you
That you don't only see the things you want to

'Cause I'm not perfect, I'm flawed

Ruth B - Superficial Love

With every move I die

Here I go this is my confessional
A lost cause nobody can save my soul
I am so delusional
With every move I die

Ke$ha - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

I walk the streets of Japan till I get lost
Cause it doesn't remind me of anything
With a graveyard tan carrying a cross
Cause it doesn't remind me of anything
I like studying faces in a parking lot
Cause it doesn't remind me of anything

Audioslave - Doesn't Remind Me

You are a lost cause
You talk to me and your meanness is shown

The victim in our “play”
Aren’t you tired of the same words
It’s never your fault, it’s mine

Giorgos Tsalikis - I’ll start swearing

Mother of mercy
Taking my last breath

Some say you are a lost cause, some say you're a saint
Just being here's an act of suffering and restraint
Walk down the long dark road to ruin and panic not

Iron Maiden - Mother of Mercy

Nigga girl tell me strange things
She says "You know you're a georgous black ? No, I assure you without messing around.
When I've seen you, I forgot my boyfriend"
I tell here "Why are you lying ? You, you want my dick. You wanna I fuck, and spend money. And that once the empty testicles, I wear same jean. That you put good with your friends, and with my stitch you will say "Tchin tchin". Slut ! Get lost cause I saw clear in your game. My ex-wife did same"
"So what ?"
"So you can gro far away"

Disiz la Peste - I get off the rail

It's not like we never tried it before
It was crazy, improsible, it still hurts.
Lost cause - thats the case with us
I love you, but I'll stay away from you

Ivena - Neshto malko cherno

You reeled me in with your smile
You made me melt with your voice
Now I've been gone now for awhile
Just to find that I'm your seventh choice
And I don't wanna pay the cost
But it'd be best if you get lost

Demi Lovato - Gonna Get Caught

Words going through my head
Things you said to me yesterday
I just naïvely thought
That no man in the world understands
How to live with a girl like me
'Cause I've learned that I'm hard to understand

Medina - Lost [In You] (I Fucking Love You)

You're not my lord

Tell me what I have to do to make you
Understand it's a lost cause lover
Tell me while you're at it how it feels to
Hold me close when you've been thinking of her

Emilie Autumn - Chambermaid

It's not me you'll save
'Cause I'm a lost cause
I'm a lost cause
A lost, lost cause

Imagine Dragons - Lost cause

Crying heaven shed your diamonds,
Diamonds for tears

Is it a lost cause,
Can we overlook this taint
Are these the dead laws

Poets of the Fall - Diamonds for Tears

It isn't like we haven't tried it before
It was crazy,impossible,it still hurts me
a lost cause -this is me and u
I love u,but I just stay beside.

Ivena - Something little & black

I'm a nightmare, a disaster
That's what they always said
I'm a lost cause, not a hero
But I'll make it on my own
I've got to prove them wrong

Simple Plan - Me Against The World

It's been ripped down the middle
I am ripped down the middle

I feel like a lost cause
All I ever do is screw up
Ever since I was little I've been ripped down the middle

Cimorelli - Good Enough

Sweetness flowing like a faucet
Body bangin' no corset
Brothas wanna toss it
But they lost, cause my game made them forfeit
Slicker than a porpoise and thicker than a horse is
Carmen Brown got the whole town speechless

Beyoncé - If Looks Could Kill (You Would Be Dead)

Of not having lived intoxicated, and without pretense
Vanquished soldiers for a war without victory

And if my life is but a lost cause
I will leave free for having at least believed in it
Head over heels

Grégory Lemarchal - Head over heels

The magazine tested
the newspaper approved
by her photos
that in her eyes
there's a rising sun
But no one can explain

Tom Zé - Her way (to be)

I cannot take it anymore
I feel it bleed out on the floor
You are a lost cause
You are a lost cause

Watch the world burn

Trivium - Watch The World Burn

[Intro: Wale]
I heard about you
You heard about me?
Haha, yeah, Wal, haha
Cause I had some issues
Wal, haha, back at ya, bad girl

Wale - Bad (Remix)

I can see you're somewhere far away
Caught in another place
Where nothings going right
Shouldn't worry about
The worst that could be
When you're here beside me

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Today The Sun's On Us

<em>I wander the streets
carrying a prayer to high heavens
where are you?...</em>

My mom keeps telling me,
that you're not the right girl for me,

Gidi Gov - Why is your heart stone cold

And I beg you to forgive me.
Forgive me, I'll come to you.

The case of my life is a lost cause, but keep the case of us to me. (1)
My evidence is lost, I am imprisoned in love.
And why people think it is strange that a prisoner loves who imprisoned him?

Majed Al-Mohandes - Lawyer

Everybody put three fingers in the air
The sky is falling, the wind is calling
Stand for something or die in the morning
Section 80, HiiiPower

Kendrick Lamar - HiiiPower

I think you've touched my hand
Or maybe hurt me again
What did you say that made me blush
I think you laughed at me
First dates are always fun
I think that when I fell in love

Kelly Clarkson - Lost

Along this unpaved path

From the crack in the gate of longing,
The stolen passport is already a lost cause
Even if I blaze through this city and dream a dream thrown at my feet,
I’ll only laugh in vain

The Pillows - My Foot

The second one arrived like he was returning from the bar
Brought a bottle of brandy too bitter to swallow
He asked me about my past and sniffed my food
He searched through my drawer and called me 'lost cause'
He found me so undefended that he scratched my heart
But he gave me nothing, so, frightened, I said 'no'

Chico Buarque - Teresinha

When I was rich I had clout, now a nigga's lonely
I put the pistol to my head, and say a prayer
I see visions of me dead, Lord are you there?
Then tell me am I lost cause I'm lonely
I thought I had friends but in the end a nigga dies lonely
Nowhere to run I'm in terror, and no one cares

2Pac - Only Fear of Death

[Verse 1:]
It was not your fault
I had you loved then lost
Cause of what was done to me by another man
Yes i know what could've been
But i assumed if i let you in

Kelly Rowland - Love Again

Where is the moment we need it the most
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
They tell me your blue skies fade to grey
They tell me your passion's gone away
And I don't need no carryin' on

Garou - Bad day

Preserve your mind, the media is the weapon of the reign
Those who accuse the fight are often the ones who lighted it
Child of the light, go from the private cage
There is no lost cause, no unworthy prayer
The world is soaked into our heads, and linked
We travel in only one click, Babylon is only a crime

Keny Arkana - Between the Lines #2: 20.12

And the cages with the canaries that are sleeping,
are all placed in a row...
And me not knowing who I am yet
A lost cause with no perspective
And you who is going to turn off,
one of the lights so you can go to sleep with,

Vasilis Papakonstantinou - I'm Afraid

This moment right here is one we can't suspend
Your breathe and mine tells me just where I have been
You know the song of long lost cause
We're running in circles and coming back again

Mat Kearney - Straight Away

I couldn't see it for my head was too low
And prying eyes, they stoop too low
Poisoning my soul, as sanity waits in the gallows
Defeated I, fighting for a lost cause
Depleted I, dying for the wrong cause
These are the hours on the range

Antimatter - Fighting for a Lost Cause

in the company of wolves.
I still do wonder how I can fill the gulf.
The void that became, when you denied your gods.
You pitiful Irish are now my lost cause!”


Mael Mórdha - A Nation in Ruins

I sing the sadness which tonight, in me,
becomes melody,
because I still cry for you,
although I know that this is a lost cause,
I don't ask why you are not only mine,
I know that it is fair for you to do your will.

Il Volo - When Love Turns Into Poetry

When the love you offer is not enough
And you fight for a lost cause
Love transforms into a wound
That doesn't close, and doesn't let you see

Los Piojos - Gray

And they put amphetamines in the air and make me breathe
So come on and grab your children, look out for burning buildings
And villains who pillage, they're killing by the millions
And billions of people die for a lost cause
So now I pray for a nation destroyed under god

Hollywood Undead - City

Never called a stranger family.
Never had faith in my philosophy.
I've never had a guru nor guide.
Never despite a lost cause.
I'll never deny that those are my favorite ones.

Héroes del Silencio - Lotus Flower

The line up seems endless
Underneath the salvation signs.

We are the dead ones, we are the lost cause
We are the bend before the break.
Our steps seal our fate.

Alexisonfire - This Could Be Anywhere In The World

(Oh, that's right)
Now I've seen who you are (come on)
(Done with you)

You walk the earth as you own it all
You speak loud and best and most

Sofie - Done With You

I can't be with young boys,
I won't be with old men,
without you I'm just
a lost cause.


Jelena Karleuša - Lost Cause

I worry, I wonder all the time why worry
It's killing me, forget about it

I whisper, remember what she did
Don't miss her
Set me free, she won't allow it

The All-American Rejects - Why Worry

We lose our youth the day we stop dreaming of heaven on earth, a heaven for everone; the day we begin to disdainfully call those who carrry on dreaming utopians; the day when awareness of the practicalities awakes in us, we join in the game, and accept the rules.

We lose our youth the day we accept the winner and won't care tuppence a lost cause.

We lose our youth the day we accept that this is how things are, that it's always been like this and that nothing can be done to change it.

Jesús Quintero - We lose our youth

They just don't excite me
I'd rather make love once then fuck twenty times, see
And I ain't lying
I'm a lost cause for somebody that completes me
Or maybe just somebody that needs me
And right now, girl, it's really hard to be me

Luke Christopher - Heartbreak Fiction

Your prose is dopey
Think you should only
Write in emoji
Oh, you're a lost cause
Go back to pre-school
Get out of the gene pool

Weird Al Yankovic - Word Crimes

(Tell her) To not dream
I don't want anything to bind me to her anymore
She lives in her mistakes
And her love is a lost cause

(CHORUS) Tell her that it's over for me....

Konstantinos Argiros - Tell Her

Write me off, give up on me
'Cause darling what did you expect
I'm just off a lost cause
A long shot, don't even take this bet

Fall Out Boy - A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"

Which I will never find a solution to (x2)

I have finally realized,
That it's a lost cause
One word, one sentence
But I will keep on insisting

Blasé - Enigma

Patron Saint, are we all lost like you?
Patron Saint, are we all lost like you?
Patron Saint, are we all lost like you?
Patron Saint, are we all lost like you? (Lost causes, all we are is all we are)
Patron Saint, are we all lost like you? (To you, lost...)

Anberlin - (*Fin)

I remember all about the first day
Naive I yearned fo the perfect love
For a lost cause I had fought
At the vanished happiness, what remains of my illusions

Élodie Frégé - However


Take this, it's yours
An anthem for a lost cause
Now ashes, bone and splinter
What once was a glittering prize

Manic Street Preachers - Anthem For A Lost Cause


Your war
Was a lost cause before I came
Keep praying
Pray for

Hole - Samantha

It's my fifth cigarette within an hour
and to think it's not even dark yet
my brakes fail down the slope
I drink loneliness shots to get besotted

My imagination is projecting on the wall

Sakis Rouvas - I'm lost

If I could I would feel nothing
That's the truth and I don't care
Mix prescriptions with prescriptions
It's not right but life's not fair
Ridin' next to me in droptop
Wearin' croptop that's that bitch

Blackbear - if i could i would feel nothing

And now I don't want roses
I'm a lion that ate the butterflies

Get lost 'cause now it's your turn to lose
since your game is over
I'm leaving because it's all about me again

Aitana Ocaña - The Bad

Low key, no pressure
Just hang with me and my weather

And I want you to stop insisting that I’m not a lost cause
‘Cause I’ve been through a lot
Really, all I’ve got is just to stay pissed off

Paramore - Rose-Colored Boy

oh just because (3x)

the claimant change is really nothing new
im still lost 'cause i got something to do
i can figure out on my own time you were always late so you're never around
i know no one knows who you can be yourself 

Funeral Party - Just Because

Diamonds and machetes
Kalashnikovs, eight year olds
Time to get ready lost cause, broken soul
We'll break the hold of tyranny
It's time to break the fear in me

Remedy Drive - Under the Starlight

Just foolin' with the girlies, yes I'm busting it out
I'm Special Ed and you can tell by the style that I use
I'm creatively superior, yo--I never lose
I never lost cause I'm the boss
I never will cause I'm still
The champion, chief one, won't lose until I choose

Special Ed - I Got It Made

You're a lost cause
You talk to me and only evil comes out

You're the victim in our little show
Aren't you tired of the same old song and dance?
It's never your fault, it's always my fault

Giorgos Tsalikis - Blame You

Yeah, your style's dated and you ain't came out yet
Don't think you're fresh 'cause you're rockin' them outfits
I think you're lost 'cause you don't know where your route is
Pick up the mic, put your money where your mouth is

The Black Eyed Peas - BEP Empire

Ashes, ashes, dust to dust
It doesn’t hurt enough yet, does it, does it?
I’m gonna make you feel it
Gonna make you want it
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down,
Half of you’s still underground

Icon for Hire - Demons

Just only,
What does it all mean?
You give name to me at that moment.
I am the lost cause.

Ewa Farna - The lost cause

I'm at the point of zero again and you're "in general"

Anonymous nights, nights with no meaning
It was a lost cause from the very beginning, both of us lost. Foolish love, foolish kisses
Words, words, words, fake words

Paola Foka - Foolish Love

These Secrets keep us alive,
under these dimming lights,
walking by myself,
I'm a lost cause searching for rescue,

Despised Virtue - The Challenger

And I'm going to live

You have to accept that,
You're a lost cause
The two of us can't see eye to eye

Giorgos Tsalikis - Accept It!

One can still hear
The howls of he who fought
For a lost cause

With courage

Tierra Santa - A Lost Youth

To think that something so lovely could become so drunk and ridiculous
When did we leave it and became something else?
Your words are like needles, but your gaze is like morphine
We stand still, but time has gone

Should I admit how much I've lied and cried?

Katinka - I Apologize

I'm traveling and I don't even know which way
I look for a sign but I see nothing
I'm strong enough, I know
But without you, I'm lost cause

I sold my soul

Nina Badrić - Love For You

It's just words
We say everything we want
Except we don't say to a woman
That she is a lost cause
It's just words
The heart doesn't know how to say

Gusttavo Lima - The Exact Moment/The Time Has Come/ I Fell in Love/It's Just Words

Never did terrible bullshit ya
Enough with concerns, she try and live it up
No more sucker for love, she probably duck it because
You try to follow your gut feeling you get lost (Cause I've had some issues)
Yeah and I noticed it
You got the coldest corazon, but warmer skin

Wale - Bad

I've always been a lost cause
Grabbing hold of the aspirations I once held
I've always been a lost cause
I've always been a lost cause
But I refuse to let my light dim out
I refuse to let my light dim out

Jared Dines - Rebuild

There's no use in pumping my stomach,
Cause I'll just do it again,
I'm a lost cause so fuck it.
Everyone with grudges towards me,
Is gonna love this.

Kyle Spratt - Suicide Note

But I pray you don't hurt too much

[Chorus: Lewis Capaldi & Jessie Reyez]
I hope you’re lonely, hope you’re lost 'cause I've been
And I'd hate to think you're better off without me
I know we tried to hold on

Lewis Capaldi - Rush

I want to thank you for all your help
Cause you're on to me, you're on to me I know
You tell me all the bad things I didn't know about myself
Yes, you're on to me, you're on to me I know

Maybe I'm lost

Kris Allen - Lost

The grace of her face is a terrible waste
Behind, it’s something awful

She’s a lost cause
So count your losses

The Growlers - Big Toe

I've lost count
Of how many times I've tried to reach you
You weren't coming
Have my messages gotten lost?
'Cause it's been twenty-six years now
And still no response

Stick to Your Guns - To Whom It May Concern

I've begged you 1000 times
I don't need flatters
if you don't love with your heart then you're gonna hurt it(heart)
but you've left no place for words between us
did you come or leave, I have nothing to forgive you for

Albatrit Muqiqi - I gave you (everything)

The sense turned off,
a mass silence turned on.

Less hours in life, more answers to a lost cause:
of why the feelings, return with the day.

Callejeros - A new cold night

these strange days we‘re live in are getting darker
they‘re passing by without any change
and these dark nights we try to drown us in
make those days more bearable for us

Parasite Inc. - Unmeant Outcasts

And like that heart that got in the way
I'll become the lost cause
The child of burden and rage
Like the distance in your touch

Converge - Distance And Meaning

It's hard to move on without you
So my God fill these spaces left in me
I'm so near to lost, but I'm not
I'm everything but lost 'cause I'm not alone

Nine Lashes - Afterglow (Second Version)

I've heard it before
I'm straight out of line
The image of malice
With one evil mind
I've got no excuse
It's my alibi

Sum 41 - No Apologies

So there it goes again
I've lost it, now it's time to pretend
That I'm still not a lost cause
That I know I have those flaws

MAIKA (Vocaloid) - Define Me

Too many lights on me
There's way too, too many lights on me
And give me everything you got
I think I'm going to go get lost
Cause there's way too, too many lights

Tyler Glenn - Gates

It was so easy for me
To feel happy that he called, but
I fear that he's already a lost cause.

He lives in a penthouse in Alexander Penn road...

The Pick Sisters - Northern Tel Baruch

Thoughts, they are like restless peace in my head.
Time, it slowly kills me in my cold bed.
And turns my faith into a dark, and open doubt.

Michael Schulte - Thoughts

I am, I am fighting for you, you
I am fighting for you

Tell me you're a lost cause
And maybe you're too far gone
Oh, that's not true

Tenth Avenue North - Fighting For You

So this is how I die now
Hands to the air
No, they can't stop that sky falling down, down
Guess I thought that I'd feel good somehow
When all you know is up, it's hard not to feel like you ain't going down

EDEN - icarus

I'd rather be alone than put up with you at all hours
Pretending to get along when in reality you don't even tempt me
This is a lost cause
If you want to come back to me, I tell you at once
That's not gonna happen

Ha*Ash - That's Not Gonna Happen

To make myself feel better
To redeem some part of me
I thought I had lost
And we were a lost cause
Long before we fell apart
'Cause honey, I was too eager

First Aid Kit - To Live a Life

this promise broken drew the line.
A once dead pixel lights,
a cathode tube ignites,
a once lost cause becomes a fight.

Bright eyes look up

AVANNA - Hard-Disk Hide and Seek

It’s endlessly.
And from the storm
We try to hide,
But it’s a lost cause,
They say it’s our destiny.

Lola Marsh - Le Sud

When you look you only see your flaws
You forget all the things that make you strong
But you never will be too far gone
You're never a lost cause, no, you're not

Who ever told you that you weren't enough?

Cimorelli - Who Told You

So that I can love you better, for you are my lost cause.
Where did I drop my soul, listen to me, listen,
So that I can love you better, for you are my lost cause.
My lost cause.

There are a few reasons to stay with you.

Tina Karol - A Few Reasons

My goal is to be strong
Alongside my loyal companion
So much fight, struggles,
But victory is waiting for us!

The adventure calls me from far away

Pokémon (OST) - Pokemon Theme Song

Oh, show me what you think you can do
Show that you're a real man

Jump off and get lost, 'cause now it's war
Jump off and watch out, 'cause I'm wild and free
Jump off and give up, but just try one more time

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (OST) - Jump Off And Get Lost

To strip the injustice
that shaped our lives
Seems to be a lost cause.

Nobody bets on stopping

Hermética - Another day to be

There was a diction man
I could honour restrain
He could cheer for you
We were changing the pace
Open ears
He hasn't moved an inch

Henry No Hurry - Silence is Yellow

I’m starting to see my...

Before and aftermath
Lost cause down countless paths
Loose grips and handlebars
Dull glow of lesser stars

As It Is - My Oceans Were Lakes