Love conquers all

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Traduzioni di "Love conquers all"

Araboالحب يفعل المستحيل
CecoLáska hory přenáší
FranceseL'amour remue le mond.
GrecoΈρωτα ανίκητε στη μάχη
Greco (Classico)Ερως ανίκατε μάχαν
IngleseLove can move the world
ItalianoL'amore muove il mondo
LatinoOmnia vincit amor
OlandeseLiefde kan bergen verzetten
RumenoIubirea mişcă lumea.
RussoЛюбовь движет миром
Serboljubav sve pobedjuje
SpagnoloEl amor mueve al mundo
SpagnoloEl amor hace posible lo imposible
SvedeseKärlek övervinner allt
TedescoLiebe kann Berge versetzen
TurcoSevginin herseye gucu yeter
UcrainoКохання рухає світом
ZapotecoGuendanadxí hruniibi guidxilayú

“Love conquers all” nei testi

It's true that love conquers all, I don't know
Desertion makes it a bitter torment and torture and the day feels like a year
Love came to me without an appointment it's sweetness ever increasing
I didn't suppose that one day it would take me away
My heart wishes for joy
I return and my whole heart is injured

Oum Kalthoum - It's True That Love Conquers All

I've turned into someone else

[Verse 2]
I used to believe love conquers all
Cause that's what I felt when you held me
I thought you'd catch me if I fall

Miley Cyrus - Someone else

He stares into the dark night
He remembers the time when all was bright
Is she gone, was it true
That love conquers all?

And later, when the sun awakens, they reunite

Greta Salóme - Remember me

I couldn't have prepared myself for this fall
Shattered in pieces, curled on the floor
Supernatural love conquers all
Remember we used to touch the sky

Mariah Carey - Angels Cry

Now if you take heed to the words of wisdom
That are written on the walls of life
Then universally, we will stand and divided we will fall
Because love conquers all, you understand what I'm saying ?
This is a call to all, you sleeping souls
Wake up and take control of your own cipher

Public Enemy - He got game

As he breathes through it ,
And she's broken his rib
And it does not , do not believe it
But love conquers all
Only when love 's blind , but you

Antonia - Call me

He stares into the dark night
He remembers the time when all was bright
Is she gone, was it true
That love conquers all?

And later, when the sun awakens, they reunite

Greta Salóme - Remember Me

No need to convince me that you were a catch
I bought my ticket and so at last

Who was it that said that love conquers all?
Oh, he was a fool 'cause it doesn't add up
Should I believe you told a lie

Camera Obscura - You Told A Lie

Well as long as it's useful, but let's not beat the beaten.
Still I carry my dream. Well the day will yet come,
When love conquers all, we owe each other that much.


Timo Pieni Huijaus - Finnish Maiden

[Hook: Jinyeon]
Love, is stronger than all
With love, the memory won't fade
Love, love conquers all
Love, will mend our broken hearts

b-Rabbit - Broken Hearts (Album Version)

Love conquers all
This one will last a lifetime
And if love conquers all
This one will last forever

Deep Purple - Love Conquers All

That he breaths through her,
And she's broken from his coast
And he no, he don't believe
But love conquers all
Only when love's blind, but you

Antonia - Call me

No don't lose your head (Don't lose your head)
(Hear what I say) Hear what I say - yeah
(Don't lose your way - hey) Don't lose your way - yeah
Remember, love's stronger, remember love conquers all
(Don't lose your head, Don't lose your head)
(Don't lose your head, Don't lose your head)

Queen - Don't Lose Your Head

But when stars align it’ll be you and I
Together in the starry sky
Our love will glow in a world of our own
Above where love conquers all

Love conquers, conquers it all

Lisa Punch - Stars Align

to Paradise

My yearning is silenced by angelic skin of white
Love conquers all for heaven's fall
this faithful night.
Yours or mine - damned of divine

Symphony X - Paradise Lost

They told me once,
"There's a place where love conquers all"
A city with the streets full of milk and honey
I haven't found it yet, but I'm still searching

Halsey - Good Mourning

My actions have gone way too far.
I told myself that I was Jasmine,
But I realize now I’m Jafar.
We’re told love conquers all,
But that only applies to the hero.
Is the enemy what I’m meant to be?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - I'm The Villain

Two hearts are unable to make it to the end together
The more I am wishfully thinking
The further you walk away
I lie to myself that love conquers all
Lying to myself until I am doing the directing and acting myself

JJ Lin - Too Bad

I remember, I remember love

Oh, I've been losing faith each time I fall
But I still believe love conquers all

'Cause I remember love

Sarah Dawn Finer - I Remember Love

Answers to those who seek
Life's troubles shall withdrawl
Surely as I speak
Love conquers all
Always he and she
Through all kinds of weather

Ww Ww - Two Are One Together

Sue for peace [?]
These sweet dreams

Love conquers all you say
But until then I'd be dead
Down that hole I'd dive again

Caligula's Horse - The Hands Are the Hardest

(It's been confirmed that the aliens have landed)

Worldwide Jesus domination 
Love conquers all
Rise like a chosen generation
There's no stopping it all 

Skillet - Alien Youth