Mano a mano (traduzione in Inglese)

  • Artista: Julio Iglesias
  • Canzone: Mano a mano 4 traduzioni
  • Traduzioni: Greco, Inglese #1, #2, Polacco
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We're Even

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Supercrazy in my sadness, I remember you today and see that
In my unfortunate life you were simply a good woman;
Your elegant presence put warmth in my home,
You were good, consistent, and I know that you have loved me
Like you've never loved anyone, like you aren't able to love
We played a game of perception1 when you, poor girl
Dodged poverty in the rooming house
Today you are all a lady, life laughs and sings to you
The cash from the gullible you toss at the merchant
Like the tricky cat plays with the miserable mouse
Today your head is filled with unhappy illusions
you were fooled by the fools, your girlfriends, the gigolo;
The milonga dancer among tycoons, with their crazy temptations
where pretentious milonga dancers suceed and fail,
It has entered deep inside your poor heart.
I don't owe you gratitude, we are even now
I don't care what you've done, what you do nor what you will do
I believe the favors I received have been paid
And if there is some small debt I may have forgotten
You can charge it to the account of the fools you have
In the meantime, may your triumphs, poor passing triumphs,
Be one long line of riches and pleasure;
May the rich gentleman who supports you have everlasting cash
You can make your own way at the stops with the pimping milongueros
And the guys can say, "She is a good woman."
And tomorrow when you become a replaced piece of furniture
And you have no hopes in your poor heart,
If you need some help, If you need some advice,
Remember this friend who will risk his skin
To help you in what he can when the time comes
  • 1. remanye, to know someones intentions
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Milonga - a place where the Tango is danced


Mano a mano

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AldefinaAldefina    Mar, 27/08/2019 - 20:28

Hola, Freda. Te pasó por alto que la frase es has sido … una buena mujer. Por eso lo que has escrito en dos primeros versos no es correcto. Mira a mi traducción y compara.

FredaFreda    Mer, 28/08/2019 - 01:18

Hola y gracias, Andrés. Que bueno que me hayas avisado.
Lo he corrigido. Espero que se ve mejor.