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For me, even a scrap of paper doesn't look like anything but old trash
For someone else, it might be a good-luck charm
You can wound someone thoughtlessly with the sharp words of a knife
Those I call "friends" pretend not to notice
Even if I find the labyrinth's exit, it's an entrance to the labyrinth again
I was in the darkness, I seemed to be cast away only by myself
Just all alone, I wanted my friends
I always held on in my heart, I want to hear my voice
Seeing people through rose-colored glasses loses sight of the truth
Each sorrow and such; those are immeasurable
If I've lived life capably like a simple story
Now I'll empty out my heart; I want to try to love and believe people
Even if I change the whole world, nobody would know me
Just all alone, while I hold onto myself
Though we stand in the same place, can we really see different scenery?
Nobody understands; the doubt is indelible, but it's not a world of games
Even if I lose, if I can always love someone, there will be good in the lies
In my embraced heart, maybe someday I'll reach myself
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It's a beautiful song, but I'm pretty sure Saturn's seiyuu is Yuko Minaguchi (she's my favorite scout). ^^

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Meiro (迷路)

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Ospite    Lun, 13/06/2011 - 22:19

たった一人でいいから 私の味方が欲しかった: this means she'd have wanted to have at least one friend.
ずっと心に抱えた 私の聲を聞いて欲しい: and that she'd want that friend to listen to the voice or cries she's kept in her heart forever.

世界中を敵にしても 誰も私を知らなくても
たった一人だけでいい 私を抱きしめてくれたら
this means that she doesn't care if the whole world becomes her enemy or doesn't know her, as long as there is one person to hold her