Hadise - Mesajımı Almıştır O (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

He recieved my message

Either he comes to the evil eye, or he goes into the grave
The truth is that; love has a life.
If we don't fight
He won't see my effort, he'll think of it as already done
He doesn't move, it breaks my heart and
His magic breaks.
What I say doesn't do anything, doesn't do anything.
He subdues my patience
I've had enough of your love, I broke the pencil
I'm compelled to say a few words.
The arrow shot from the bow won't return.
Nobody can change my decision.
What else can I say?
He recieved my message.
He recieved my message.
Recieved my message
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I saw the refrain was a bit messed up.The course of the song is put up the way it should be now.Look for errors though,I might've missed something.


Mesajımı Almıştır O

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Just because of some tags you had used your translation was imvisible. Since you're long gone, I've removed those tags.