May Matar - Mesh metlak 3ayzin (traduzione in Inglese)


Mesh metlak 3ayzin

Ne7na fi 3enna shabab
Mne3taz b sa2afetha
Btefham shu ya3ni sh’hadat
W bta3rif shu 2imetha
Henni lli bi7ebbu l banat
B zakaha w 7enniyetha
Metlak mesh 3ayzin rijal
Hamma 7ala w shahwetha
Ne7na ma bedna wla shabb
Men 3asr el jahiliye
Yiji yet7akkam fina
W ysammiha rjuliye
Y2a33edni obalo bel bait
Sob7 w dohr w 3ashiye
W y2elli ma 3endik shi
Illa tehtammi fiyi
Ne7na fi 3enna shabab...
3endi markaz 3endi sheghl
W 3a2id el mas2uliye
Ma bye2dir miyet mudir
B nazra yitalla3 fiyi
7aj trabba7ni jmile
Innak chifan 3alayi
Hai mesh 2uwwe ya shater
Haidi do3f w ananiye
Ne7na fi 3enna shabab...
Shu hat takhalluf wel jahl
W iste3bad el 7orriye
3endi bay w imm w ahl
Rabbuni w wes2u fiyi
Ba3rif dafe3 3an 7ali
W lau kanu obali miye
Hai meshkeltak iza 7abbait
Bent d3ife w ghabiye
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traduzione in Inglese

We don't want ones like you

We have young men among us
In whose sophistication we take pride
They know what diplomas are
And they know what they’re worth
They are ones who love girls
For their intelligence and tenderness
We don’t want men like you
Who only care for themselves and their lust
We don’t want a guy
From the dark ages
Who comes to dominate us
And calls that manhood
Who sits me down in the house in front of him
In the morning, noon and evening
And says to me: You have to do nothing
But care for me
[see above]
I have a job, I have work
And a position of responsability
There are not a hundred bosses
Who can take a look at me
You must stop feigning
That you’re concerned about me
This isn’t strength, my friend
This is weakness and selfishness
[see above]
What’s this backwardness and ignorance about?
And this suppression of freedom?
I have a father, a mother and a family
Who brought me up and had faith in me
I know the incentive of my way
Even if a hundred were against me
It’s your problem if you desire
A weak and stupid girl
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I'm not 100% sure about a few verses. Please add corrections Regular smile

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