Meu Cupido É Gari (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

My Cupid's A Garbageman

My cupid's is a garbageman
He just gives me trash
Trash, trash, you're proof of that
Trash, trash, you're proof of that
Cupid's is blind, I fired him
His arrow doesn't have a tip or makes sense
Such an amateur this Cupid, such a disappontment
He ordered me a boyfriend from the dumpster
He didn't treat me right, he took me for granted
Is this the type of love I deserve?
It's all just just a letdown for my heart
Reckless Cupid
Adrift, with no direction
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Note: in the United Kingdom, "garbageman" should be referred to as "dustman"


Meu Cupido É Gari

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