Mirta, de regreso (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Mirtha, I'm back

I'm back, Mirtha
You know three years in the shadows
I don't want to know if you were true to me
I know a brave woman tends toward
To the side of the thirst
Pour me something, Mirtha
It seems like a lie to see you like before
But for who comes back from hell
There's no more fantasies
He only wants a soft time
But you'll never know it Mirtha
It's not necessary that you get happy
Nor to turn on the light
I got in slowly without being seen
The night opens like a fan Mirtha
And it's another saturday, like the tango says
Mirtha, tell me how you're going
Pretend that I've been sailing
It's almost the same, only the landscape changes
Below the see, that is never seen
Above the sky, the ceiling
And your picture in the wall
The fashion has changed a little, Mirtha
There's not a single long-haired
They all look like militars
I feel like I'm standing in a cementery
I've been welcomed by the cold and a new government
Mirtha I don't even remember your body
And now I'm leaving, Mirtha
I'm a known stranger for you
If I'm not crying, you don't see how I endure it
His shoes appear under the bed
Mirtha thanks for all
I come to the grille, it seems it rained
At the station the Estrella del Norte train resounds
Come to see me when you come out, said El Turco to me
You eat everydayand there's no job problems
Just some nights
Just some nights
You come out to work
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Mirta, de regreso

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