Musica è (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Music Is

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Music is
To look into the distance and get lost in yourself,
It is the light which revives and reflects
Above an opened blue plain,
Also when my thoughts fly
And I notice that
All is around me and you.
Music is
To regular the dance of your breath on mine,
The holiday of your eyes when you smile at me,
You and the whisper of your lips.
You are always more,
You are the harmony which reaches two persons.
I will hear you because
You are the music for me, for me.
Also I hear voices
Of streets where they were born.
My mother called me so many times
But the call of freedom was stronger.
And under the sun
Which lights up yards,
A dusty run of children
Who don't stop playing any more.
I also hear the singing on a dialect
A lullaby of the rain on the roof,
It is all for me,
This sweet play the harp,
This is music which needs to be remembered
And inside of becomes the part of is walking with me.
Music is
A friend who talks to you
When you feel lonely.
You know that he will always give you a hand.
Music is something
What you need to keep, save together with you.
You feel..
The more we are, the more is the chorus in universal language,
It talks and talks the way
That the sky shudders
You hear it...
It is the shout of stars.
Maybe in the human's mind
The mentality will be changed
Of that one who listens but doesn't hear,
Before the silence
Falls down on everything,
That big silence
After the air will explode.
Because it is impossible to imagine the world
Without music
Because every heart, even a little one
Is the beat of life and love
Because music is...
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Musica è

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