Musica è (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Music Is

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Music is
Looking far away and losing oneself
The light that returns and glares
On blue plains they open
On more than my thoughts they glide
And I become conscious that
That everything around me, around me
Music Is
The regular dance of all your breaths on me
The festivity of your eyes as you smile to me
You and the sound of your lips
You always more
This harmony joined in two
I listen to you because
You are music for me, for me
I still feel
The voices of the streets
where I was born
My mother calling me so many times
But the outcry of freedom
was stronger
And under the sun
that strikes the courtyards
The dusty runs of children
that play and do not stop anymore
I still hear singing in dialect
The pitter patter of the rain on the roof
All that for me
This sweet arpeggio
Is music to remember
It is inside is a part of me...walk on the road with me
This is
Music is
The friend who speaks to you
When you feel alone
You know that you can find a hand
This is
Music is
To keep,
to save with you.
You feel it!
We are more numerous and take up more room
A chorus in universal language
Says that says that
Even from the sky they have bored the skin
You feel it
That is the roaring of stars
Perhaps it will change
In people’s minds
the mentality
of those who listen but do not feel
Before the silence
comes down on everything.
This large silence
after the air explodes.
Because a world without music
Cannot be imagined.
Because every heart
even the smallest
Is a heartbeat of life and a love that
That is music...
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Musica è

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