Fyodor Sologub - Моя усталость выше гор... (traduzione in Inglese)


Моя усталость выше гор...

Моя усталость выше гор,
Во рву лежит моя любовь,
И потускневший ищет взор,
Где слезы катятся и кровь.
Моя усталость выше гор,
Не для земли ее труды...
О, темный взор, о, скучный взор,
О, злые, страшные плоды!
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10 мая 1902.

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traduzione in Inglese

My Weariness Is Greater Than The Mountains

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My weariness is greater than the mountains,
In a chasm (there) lies my love.
And my sullen stare into the gloom,
Where the tears roll...and the blood.
My weariness is greater than the mountains,
Her cares are not for this earth...
Oh, a dismal gaze, oh, a tedious glare,
Oh, (this) malevolent, tormenting yield!
Postato da Ww Ww Sab, 20/05/2017 - 01:36
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Fyodor Sologub was a Russian Symbolist poet, writer, etc..
So the words cannot be literally translated without losing his intended meaning.

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