Naturens galleri (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

The Gallery of Nature

A cave mouth is gaping dark and gloomy
in the stone structure of the cavern wall.
By the lustre of the mica schist,
my gaze gets fixed by its architecture.
There prehistoric forces are lurking,
the willpower in a spring trickle.
Which is tumbling down towards deep shafts
and is rinsing veined trace fossil.
Wherever my gaze is pondering
its beauty is blowing the sense into a surge.
Like a cold underground moon, a rock-crystal is dazzling.
Wide cracks greedy mouths,
are portals into the marrow of earth.
Enfolded by ore rich colour,
a studio in gloomy mountain.
Along narrow dikes towards the heart of the depth
under the ceilings fine gothic.
Which is decorated by metals gaudy
in images, perfect aesthetics.
Speleothem shaped forms
put aside in secured storage.
Shaped in the columns of slabs
over the crystal clear trickle.
The gallery of nature
Is like a fantasy,
and the garden and dwelling of mystery.
The gallery of nature,
the refreshment's magical utopia.
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Naturens galleri

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