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    بكره خير

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بكره خير

نام الحين و بكره خير
لا ترمي كلام جارح
الله العالم اش بيصير
يمكن نصحى نتصالح
ولا تتعب ولا اتعب
نزودها وزعلنا يطول
الواحد اذا معصب
مايدري ترى شيقول
نام الحين
عيونك ليه تسهرها
ترى اللي يحب يتجاهل
نزعل ليه و نكبرها
ومافي شي يستاهل
و اذا بتسهر انا بسهر
يانبضة قلبي الولهان
انا احبك ولا اقدر
تنام وخاطرك زعلان
نام الحين

Tommorow will be better

Go to sleep now and tomorrow will be better, do not say hurtful words
Allah knows what will happen tomorrow, we may wake up and reconcile
Don't get tired of talking, and I won't get tired either, we don't want to add extra words to the bad situation, and our anger last forever
If a person is in a bad mood, he does not know what to say,
what does he say, what did he say, go to sleep now.
Why do your eyes stay up late? You know, whoever have a love inside him, will ignore more faults.
Why do we get upset and make it big, when nothing is worth it?
And if you stay up late, I will stay up with you, oh my heartbeat
I love you, and I can't leave you go to sleep with an upset mood? You're upset from me, upset, please go to sleep now.