Never Ending Summer IV - Prolog (traduzione in Inglese)

Never Ending Summer IV - Prolog

街中のざわめきが もう夜に消えてゆく
人々は暖かな 家路と急ぐ
でも君は1人きり 旅人のふりをする
重そうな荷物には 小さな背中 だから
腕の中お帰り 眠らせてあげよう
疲れている君なら 迎えに行こうか
想い出をめくるとき そばにいてあげるから
もう君もこれからは 素顔のままで
ぬくもりはいつだって 悲しみを埋めていく
君もすぐあの頃に 戻ればいいさ だから
涙を乾かして 言葉などいらない
帰って来る君にも 迎える 僕にも
腕の中お帰り 眠らせてあげよう
約束今この時 唇にかえす
僕のカレンダー 8月のままさ
たとえ 君が1人都会(まち)
冬に出会っても 2人の渚は 今でも夏
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Never Ending Summer IV - Prolog

The rustling of the town has disappeared into the night
People hurry home
But you alone pretend to be a traveler
Carrying luggage on your back that looks very heavy
I will let you sleep in my arms once you get home
If you are exhausted, should I come to pick you up?
When you look back to the past, I will be there beside you
You too can be honest from now on
Warmth will slowly burry the sadness
You too will be able to go back to those days
Dry your tears, there is no need for words
I will welcome you back
I will let you sleep in my arms once you get home
I make this promise now
It's August on the calendar
Even if you are alone in town (Tokyo),
Even though we met in winter
It is summer on our beach even now
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The kanji 都会 is read as 'tokai' and means city/Tokyo but the furigana used for 都会 in the song is 'machi' which means town.

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