Nikada više (traduzione in Inglese)

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Never Again

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Only once in my life have I been in love,
but that love was not meant for me,
and from that day on it is as though I have been cursed,
my soul has been taken over by night, I'll grow old alone,
far away from your gaze.
Only once in my life have I cried,
when you left me and told me that,
you never loved me because you still love her,
the one that left you, the one that cheated on you,
and I was just there to console you.
Never again, not those kinds of love, nor those sorts of betrayals.
After you nothing can lost
and everything is being erased, everything is new, just the sadness is the same,
my heart just gives everybody false hope,
but stays faithful to you forever.
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Nikada više

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