Hijo de la Luna (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Son of the Moon

Fool is he who doesn’t understand
Tells a legend
That a female gypsy
Conjured the moon until dawn
Crying she would ask
That the day would come
For she to marry a gypsy
You’ll have your man, ebony skin
From the sky the full moon talked to her
But in return I want
The first-born child
You breed from him
Cause someone who sacrifices her son
In order to not being alone
Would only barely love him
Moon, you want to be mother
And you can’t find love
That makes you woman
Tell me, silver moon
What are you going to do
With a child of skin?
Son of the moon
From a cinnamon father was born a child
As white as the back of an ermine
With grey eyes
Instead of olive
Albino child of the moon
Curse his seal
This is a foreigner’s child
And I won’t keep the truth
Gypsy man thinking he’s been dishonored
Attacked her woman, knife in hand
“Whose son is this?
You’ve cheated on me”
And she wounded her deadly
Then he walked up the mount
With the child between his arms
And forsook him there
And in those nights the moon is full
It will be because the child is in a good mood
And if the child cries
The moon shall wax
To serve as a cradle
And if the child cries
The moon shall wax
To serve as a cradle...
(Translation by Antonio Navarrete - anavarrete_@hotmail.com)
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(Translation by Antonio Navarrete - anavarrete_@hotmail.com)


Hijo de la Luna

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