Spike (Romanian rapper) - Nu există (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

There Are No

There are no cheap broads, but only stupid women,
There are no damns scrap cars, but only luxury ones,
There are no high-end hookers, but only fine ladies,
There are no good days, but only less nerve-wracking ones.
There are no wasted nights, but only forgotten ones,
There is not a penny lost, but only saving accounts,
There are no tramps on the street, but only artists with no fans,
There are no poor people, but only millionaires with no dime.
The are no miracles, but only cheap magic tricks,
There are no superheroes, but only fearless Romanians,
There are no leaders, but only folks who instigate them,
There are no people that you don't like, but only people who mess with your nerves.
There is no disease, but only problems that take a long time to get by,
There are no good speakers 1, but only disrespectful people 2.
There is no being smart, but only another read book,
There is no murder, but only people ready to do it,
There is no common-sense, but only good behaviour,
There is no love, but only the feeling of being with someone.
There are no reasons, but only question without any answer,
There is no silence, but only secret whispers,
There are no bad thoughts, but only out of the ordinary ideas,
Just as there is no good thought addressed from me to you now.
If you look from the front, they all seem the same;
If you look from behind, all things look the same;
If you look from nowhere, it doesn't seem bad to you,
Because every stupid little thing I've got is just as good as yours.
There are no villas, but only one-storey studio apartments,
There is no pain, but only an acute withdrawal,
There are no drugs, but only very strong medication,
There are no murderers, but only penniless addicts.
There are no geniuses, but only people who know too much,
There are no quiet women, but only deaf-and-dumb ones,
There is no prison, but only free lodging,
Learn that
There is nothing worse than free lodging for life.
There are no mistaken ideas, but only wrongly chosen ways,
There is no “I can't do it”, but only “I don't see any point”,
There are no old people, but only people left behind,
There are no packs, but only people who stay in line.
There is no group of friends, but only a helping hand,
There is no death, but only the easiest way out,
There is no boredom, but only less and less fun,
Just as there is no god who suffered
That I could obey to.
[Chorus: … ]
There are no lies, but only unproven truth,
There is no “I don't believe you”, but only “You just can't see”,
There is no family, but only marriage with a dumb woman3,
There is no “I don't like to drink”, but only “I drink without liking it”.
There are no excuses, but only feeling sorry for,
There are no great ideas, but only ideas that come from your own head,
There is no fool, but only no self-esteem,
There is no “I don't have a penny”, but only “I know people who have more than me”.
There are no traitors, but only brainless homies,
There is no better friend that a bull-terrier,
There is no hot looking blonde,
But only a smart woman who knows what the hell men want.
There is no “not having sex”, but you just don't know how to do it,
There is no “Fuck you”, but you just can't hear it yet,
There is no guilty person, but only caught in the act,
There is no escape, but the hope just dies last
[Refren: … ]
  • 1. (lit.)parrots
  • 2. (lit.) owls
  • 3. (lit.) cow
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Nu există

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