One Piece (OST) - BON VOYAGE! (English Dub)

  • Artista: One Piece (OST) ( ワンピース)
  • Interpretato anche da: Brina Palencia

BON VOYAGE! (English Dub)

Luffy: Did you know there's an awesome treasure hidden at the end of the sea? And anyone who finds it [will be] "King Of The Pirates"? Is that exciting or what?! There are incredible adventures out there, just waiting for us!
Have the courage, set sail and believe and we will see
A glimpse of the sun rising on a tomorrow.
Back when we first started, we had separate horizons
Sailed toward different dreams.
Things have changed now
For together we found we look through the spyglass and see,
And we know, that our hearts have brought us here.
Where the compass points our destiny,
There’s no looking back, take the helm with me!
Bon Voyage!
We cast off all our troubles, forget the past.
Though the future’s unclear
We still can smile we know we’ll get there.
No regrets!
Every tear that we cry only helps our dreams come true.
You and those dreams are precious in my life.
A glimpse of the sun rising on a tomorrow!
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