Out of place

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Traduzioni idiomatiche di “Out of place”

Не в жилу

Meanings of "Out of place"


Not appropriate for or fitting with the current surroundings or environment.

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Неуместный, не к месту -
Не соответствующий обстановке, являющийся некстати, неподобающий.

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“Out of place” nei testi

DJ Snake - Crazy with you

Honey, you are a champion
Rum-pum-pum-pum-pum with a booty out of place (Pra!)
A small waist, kill the court

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Serendipity

The cosmos moved for us
There was nothing slightly out of place
Our happiness was expected

Namika - My favourite person

Sometimes I feel out of place,
like a sailing ship in space
But if you're on board with me,
then who cares if I'm crazy?


MAD TRIGGER CREW is gonna win through
Punchin beat up MATENROU with a CRITICAL
Yeah, y'all look out of place
Get tha fuk up out my face

Betta Lemme - Play

I didn't get your name
Love (Love)
I feel so out of place
'Cause (Hmm)

Soy Luna (OST) - Catch Me If You Can

I'm a runaway
Jumping out of place
Be my parachute

Lewis Capaldi - Grace

I'm not ready to be just another of your mistakes
Don't wanna let the pieces fall out of place
I was only just a breath removed from going to waste

James Reid - No Erase

Are you game? What now?
Are you sure? Come on.
The only thing I don't want is to feel out of place

Ultimo - Sand

And you believe I'm calm and high, alive, and I see white
Love is always true if it's seen by someone else
And since now you've got someone else, I'm feeling out of place
You can understand life only if you feel void

Georges Brassens - The Pornographer

I spit out innuendos
Mouthfuls of crude words
Absolutely out of place

Shakira - What's done is done

You are and so am I

I've never felt so out of place
Never has so much escaped my control

Radwimps - Walking dictionary

Don't lose! I won!
Huge justice is a crime
Jumping"out of place and genius"

Wafia - The Ending

Where there's a good chance they're going

Falling out of place, what's the difference?
They putting on a face, won't admit it

Le Vibrazioni - Where Is It

I remain here, I remain like this and
And I don't think about it anymore
And so, ask me if I'm out of place
In this place

La Arrolladora Banda El Limón de René Camacho - Stubborn (little head)

It is better without you, so as not to fight with the way you think, so as not to occupy (my time) trying to control your damn jealousy that is out of place. I have thought it over and now I won't get married...

it is better without you. I do not like to be imposed upon...and do not promise me that you will are not the partner I was searching for and I do not plan to keep tolerating you...

Marco Mengoni - i want

Go around the planet just like
to be invited or out of place
press the red button with the index finger

Her's - What Once Was

My friends put on their bravest face
Their tails between their legs, something's out of place
I bet their mothers let them know what I'm about to face

Kamini - Marly-Gomont

It had to be mine, what an absolute f█cking nightmare
I told my father: "Couldn't we have gone to Moscow instead?
We wouldn't have felt too out of place with the temperature and the locals."
He answered: "Hey, what are you saying, are you kidding me?

NF - Nate

We walk around with the devil talkin' on both shoulders
Wish I could tell you that he disappears when we get older
But that's just not the case, and I know you feel out of place
And everything is not okay, and life can be a lot to take, but…

Mr. Rain - out of place

you can change life
you can change the city
But everywhere we go we are always out of place
We are fragments of a photo that I have torn in half