Out of sync

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Out of sync (Inglese) — Unsychronized

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Out of sync — Χωρίς συγχρονισμό

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Out of sync — Sin sincronizar

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“Out of sync” nei testi

Woken up by the telephone,
I'm nude but my boots are still on,
My senses have yet to return.
[lit. "are all out of sync."]

All from yesterday that I recall

Annett Louisan - All this would never have happened

I must calm myself and play the game that you propose.
I let my guard down, I welcome you and I wrap myself in your skin.
Destiny has spoken to me, hearts out of sync
Your words level me and stop me from falling

Miranda! - Gift

I told lies that were like the stains on my school uniform and cried
I was told things I wanted to know yet didn't want to know, and cried
I looked for lights overlapping out of sync that were indigo blue, or rather, other shades of blue

The light from a lighter is swaying, is swaying

Sakanaction - When I regained my sight, I saw in indigo blue

I made a mistake in my life today
Everything I love gets lost in drawers
I want to start over, I want to be winning
Way out of sync from the beginning


The National - Slow show

I'm in love with challenges, girl that's just honesty
No matter what tho I stayed put
Till it wasn't funny anymore like Dane cook
Out of sync out of touch, I should probably give it up but
I'm a lover not a fighter but I'll fight for what I love

Russ - Aint Nobody Takin My Baby

My heart is pounding
Just one more step and I'll fall
Everything around me is spinning and falling out of sync

I'm so empty - I don't feel anything at all anymore

OOMPH! - Tick Tock

When a moment, it changes everything

The summer sky is blushing pink
The heart is running out of sync
Could this just be the day, I think
When anything is possible

David Gray - A Moment Changes Everything

Although your plane has clipped its fragile wings
Take off, let the sky do its thing
And if you find the heavens out of sync
Gently glide, don’t even think
I can see you’ve got wings to spare

Rosenstolz - Aeronautics

That makes you smile

The clocks in any room
Are slightly out of sync
We’re spinning cogs,
Always conflicting with our words

Sayuri - It's Like A Small Light

You know a man can carry a heavy burden
but if you see no reason
the lights of nature will come, and he has gone
All the demons dance ballet out of sync in my head
that's like being in the top of loneliness when all you say is lie
think what you want, you'll get messed up

Dave Lindholm - Yeah yeah, I love you

As the night falls everything gets sweeter in my soul,
my fears turn into jolly scarecrows,
setting up a dance in my vast cell,
some band out of sync is singing to me...

What you kill is forever yours,

Trypes - What you kill is yours forever

How do I?
Like a freight train running out of rail
How do I break?
When every beat is sounding out of sync
How do I, how do I change?
When feeling happy is the missing link

Måns Zelmerlöw - Beautiful Life

If you open my chest
See that two hearts are beating
Fallen out of sync
There's the one I accept
And the one I believe in

Nothing But Thieves - Neon Brother

I’m trying to find the wisdom in this long goodbye

I gave my love gave it all but in the end it didn’t change a thing
You can’t love a man out of his fate can’t tame a head and heart so out of sync
But oh I am grateful this will not bring me down
The tides are always gonna turn and come on back around

Sarah McLachlan - The Long Goodbye

Living in a battlefield

I feel extraterrestrial
Out of sync, a separate soul
But in the end, I'm not alone

Clairity - DNA

days of grass
days of straw

dance out of sync
as well as you can
as well as it goes

Spinvis - Days of grass, days of straw

out of love, out of the blue,
out of order, out of orbit, out of control,
out of touch, out of line,
out of sync and out of time,
out of gas, out of tread, out of road.

Peter Hammill - A Way Out

Can you feel your hype slowly dying?
For even someone like Fler has a better vibe these days
You keep frontin' all over Germany, massive Fler diss distruction
But your flow's out of sync like cardiac arrythmia
Drop that rap battle shit! Do the urbane fur coat shit
For you're only fucking yourself when you're dissin'

SpongeBOZZ - Payback #forsundiego

You alone can help me
if you frolic with me for a while
Now the heart jumps into the throat
it beats out of sync like crazy


Irwin Goodman - Poing poing poing

Out of sync i swim the rhythm in my head
I am in so deep with everything i said
Breathing, filling, dark matter in my lungs

wild mind but numb to touch

Viktoria Modesta - Drop

I without you…
Wait for me every night!
I without you…
I'm out of sync!
I without you ... (x3)

Flavia Fortunato - Wait for me every evening

I hold you in my heart

Can you feel the rhythm of my soul?
It's out of sync every time you go
You're my reason why, now and forever

Chloé Wang - Every Day In Between

Just for the hell of it
I wanna fuck it up
Out of sync, out of phase
Out of sight, out of spite

The Creatures (UK) - Exterminating Angel


And I don't understand these decisions, these decisions.
And I'm out of sync with your movements and I'm already no longer with you.
You're shooting accurately, only the target is me, the target is me.
But while I'm alive, I'm going home, home

Vlad Sokolovsky - Target

Threw 'em in the wishing well
And I wish you well, yeah

Days undercover, all out of sync
Haven't paid the rent, even talking in my sleep
My monkey's M.O. is all out of commission

Winger - Down Incognito

With the rhythm of my own reactions
With the things that last
And the things that come apart
Out of sync
With love in the land of the living
A gentle hand, a secret touch on the heart

Rush - Secret Touch

Head over heels
No time to think
Looks like
The whole world's out of sync...

The Go-Go's - Head Over Hills