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I Paralyze

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It seems like the day has blended into the night
And it seems to me that death and life are one and the same
And, on the heart monitor's screen, my heartbeat
Looks like an endless straight line
And it seems like you accidentally stopped time
And everything has crashed into my face;
Changing me deep inside...
And I feel fear inside my chest
As bitter as burnt remnants in a coffee pot
And I see that the light in my mind
Fades a little more with each passing day
And, in the mirror, my face changes
And it becomes another face; a face I don't know
That horrifies me.
I paralyze,
I feel as if the world had disappeared under my feet
Like on the first day of school in August
And, in my heart, the temperature has reached minus two
I paralyze
(I hear) brakes squealing, a horn blares
And a bus rushes by just a few inches from my body
And then, when I think that I must still live without you
I paralyze
I see my life as if it were a gigantic wall
That stands at the end of the road
And the voices of the children in the school's playground
Resound in my ears like a threnody
And the road that once lead me
To your doorstep
Isn't there anymore
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Paralyo (Παραλύω)

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