Modi di dire

Modo di direLinguaSimiliSpiegazioni
run out of townInglese-
heads or tailsInglese4
Spend like a sailorInglese2
All or nothingInglese7
He is as mad as a hatter.Inglese-
quick and dirtyInglese3
blow your head offInglese3
shut your trapInglese2
Off The ChainInglese-
Off The ChainInglese-
á toaInglese3
to pad the hoofInglese1
To be through with someoneInglese1
drift backInglese-
What comes around, what goes aroundInglese4
to be on the same wavelengthInglese5
life in the fast laneInglese-
more bark than biteInglese-
lower the boom onInglese-
All wool and a yard wideInglese-
let things slideInglese-
signed, sealed and deliveredInglese-
turn of the tideInglese-
cover the waterfrontInglese-
all eyes and earsInglese14
beat itInglese-
full blastInglese31
flat out/ full blast/ (at) top speedInglese31
It’s all fun and gamesInglese-
the Family JewelsInglese2
wheel and dealInglese-
primrose pathInglese-
all around Robin Hood’s barnInglese-
preach to the choirInglese-
on the horns of a dilemmaInglese-
suffer fools gladlyInglese-
cloak and daggerInglese1
Laughing all the way to the bankInglese-
The tables turnInglese11
on a tight leashInglese1
take the floorInglese-
sound the death knellInglese-
of the first waterInglese-
from A to ZInglese4
straight from the shoulderInglese-
riding for a fallInglese-
nine times out of tenInglese-
off the fat of the landInglese-
to smooth someone's ruffled feathersInglese-
a marvel to beholdInglese-
shake the foundations ofInglese-
cuts both waysInglese-
able to fog a mirrorInglese-
off to a running startInglese-
ghost of a chanceInglese-
on a shoestringInglese-
till kingdom comeInglese-
eating his mind with cheese and breadInglese1
walk a fine lineInglese-
Even moreInglese4
land of plentyInglese-
Deadly sinInglese2
to cut someone a breakInglese1
to be running on fumesInglese-
to stake a claimInglese-
to feed the flameInglese-
locked n' loadedInglese-
Up and at themInglese-
Get a load ofInglese-
zero to sixtyInglese-
Take the plungeInglese4
Leap in the darkInglese7
dead cat bounceInglese2
It 's now or never!Inglese2
death by a thousand cutsInglese1
to have stars in one's eyesInglese-
To be all the rageInglese2
Have a (good) nose for somethingInglese2
Second to noneInglese3
in somebody's birthday suitInglese1
Have one foot in the graveInglese4
To go the extra mileInglese2
He who runs after two hares will catch nothingInglese29
after your ownInglese4
after your own heartInglese4
a man of few wordsInglese-
a cold fishInglese-
a blue-eyed boyInglese-
a blue movieInglese-
a backseat driverInglese-
Inglese #1, #2, Polacco
a babe in the woodsInglese-
Now you're goneInglese1
fed up to the back teethInglese2
skim the surfaceInglese1
rest on one's laurelsInglese4