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The colors are fading, the sky is fading,
someone lands from the dark,
dressed all in silver, surrounded by lights,
they bring me the news, that you've gone away.
A piece of paper bears her farewell,
A stamp reading "Venus" and "goodbye" inside,
where has my pride gone to,
my efforts my courage,
what is the reason for you to have gone away from here.
I know, I was platinum, but you wanted kitsch,
I was an angel; a devil for you,
I was the king of all the world,
but Venus is your home and I cannot get there (and I cannot).
All that remains is her smell, her outline in a frame,
torn-up poems and sounds,
in an empty waste I'm still waiting for them,
the fear remains and I know that they're never coming back.
Now I draw words for her in the sand,
my hope; a reflection of Venus,
I'd give all just to know why and how,
I'd give all just to show that I can.
Evening comes again,
the Planet's above me again,
all my power is fading,
I'm going blind,
sounds, visions in my head, all is collapsing,
all is becoming distorted, but I can't,
still I know that I can,
and I know that I can.
Postato da Ilidian Dom, 13/11/2011 - 09:34
Commenti dell’autore:

I am submitting this translation as an alternative to the old one, since the old one is in bad English and grammatically flawed.



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