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Podres Poderes (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in IngleseInglese

Powers Powers

While the men exercise their powers powers
Motorcycles and beetles run the red lights
And miss the greens
We areso loutish
I wished to sing seven hundred thousand times
How beautiful, how beautiful are the bourgeois
And the Japanese, but everything is so much more
Won't we ever do nothing but to confirm
The incompetence of catholic America
Which will always need ridiculous tyrants?
Will, will, will, will
Will this stupid rhetoric of mine
Need to sound, need to be heard for a thousand years more?
While the men exercise their powers powers
Indians and priests and fags, blacks and women
And teenagers make the carnival
I wished to wish to sing in tune with them
Be silent in respect to their trance, in an ecstasy
Be indecent, but everything's so bad
Or every civil and every foreman
In their stupidity will spill too much blood
In the wetlands, in the cities, caatingas and in the woods
Will only the "Hermetisms Pascoals"*
The tones, the thousand tones** and his genial gifts
Save us, will save us from these darkness and nothing more
While the men exercise their powers powers
Kill and die of hunger, of anger, of thirst
Are too often natural gestures
I wish to approach my vagabond singing
Of those who watch for the happiness of the world
Going deeper, "Tims" and "Bens"*** and such
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Postato da juliaalvaresjuliaalvares Gio, 07/01/2016 - 20:32
Commenti dell’autore:

*By "Hermetism Pascoals" Veloso is referring to Hermeto Pascoal, a musician and performer.

**Here's a game of words: he says "mil tons" which literary means "a thousand tones", but could also sound as "Míltons". Veloso is referring to the singer and composer Mílton Nascimento.

***By "Tims" Veloso refers to the singer Tim Maia and by "Bens" to the singer Jorge Ben Jor


Podres Poderes

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